Zija 90-Day Challenge with Kasia

Have you set your goals yet?

Is having a strong and beautiful body one of them?

Do you want tools that support your success? 

Start 90 days challenge with personal trainer now!

Hello, my name is Kasia and my offer to you is a 90 days challenge that is packed full with information about:


The effective strength and cardio training that you can do yourself in a comfort of your home or at a gym. 


The science backed set of products that help 1) nourish, 2) restore, and 3) condition.


The easy to use and effective accountability tools: food diary and exercise tracker. 

What will you get

> Videos showing you how to do the exercises that are in the programme. 

> The weight management kit, products that allow you to start the journey towards a more active lifestyle thanks to rich nutrition, extra energy and a natural detox aid.

> 90 Day Challenge Handbook – the quickest way to get started and stay on track!

Before and After

Are you ready for your transformation?

You will receive a password to access further content via email so watch out for that and I look forward to see you on the other side!!!

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