A few personal words from my clients:

“I only have good words about the job you do with Capoeira. My daughter really liked the physical challenges, the flow of the classes and the homely environment. Capoeira is a good all round discipline it works lots of gymnastics movements, coordination not just the movements but also combined with the music. It is great fun and very impressive to watch.”

– Capoeira Parent

“Foremost I would say Kasia has the most wonderful way with people. She has a natural ease talking and engaging with people, and make people very comfortable and welcome immediately. It’s very easy to open up to her as she genuinely listens and always seem to invest fully in a conversation.”

– Joanna

“Capoeira has helped my son in many ways over the years. He has never been particularly interested in typical boyish competitive sports e.g. football / rugby or martial arts karate etc and prior to Capoeira we struggled to find ways to keep him active. However, he took to Capoeira straight away – he loved the drumming, movements, singing and, perhaps more importantly, the strong inclusive welcoming ethos central to the Capoeira philosophy and proud history. I would definitely recommend Capoeira to any parents but particularly to parents looking to encourage an activity that combines movement and artistic expression. Capoeira really helped my son become physically more confident and healthier – crucially, in a way that he felt entirely comfortable with.”

– Capoeira Parent

“Kasia is a great teacher, engaging and patient. She’s never condescending and she’s able to give whoever she’s helping exactly what they need to improve and feel more confident.”

– Sarah

“Neli’s quite a shy child, who had some slight language related difficulties such as starting to speak a little later than usual, and also difficulties pronouncing some sounds. Capoeira has had an extremely positive effect on all these areas. The clearest example of this is that she first started to count in Portuguese rather than the two languages she speaks (Serbian and English)! Some of the first songs she sang were also Capoeira songs. We also vividly remember the first time she “bought” a game in a Roda. This requires initiative and self-confidence and that she could do that is a testament to the inclusive, supportive and safe atmosphere in a Capoeira class. “

– Jasmina

“After 3 pregnancies I’ve never quite managed to get my core strength and fitness back to a level I’m happy with, I’ve tried various exercise challenges and classes over the years and never really found anything has given me results I’m happy with. I’ve been doing 1-2-1 sessions with Kasia for just over 3 months now, and can honestly say I’m delighted with the results! My core strength, general strength and stamina, and physical appearance of my mum-tum have all improved so much in such a short time. Kasia’s sessions are tailored to the individual and she obviously has an in-depth knowledge of post-natal exercise recommendations. My toddler can come along to the sessions with me, her style of training is gentle but encouraging and daily text reminders have helped me to remember to do brief exercises at home each day. Thank you Kasia for helping me achieve results and feel I have control of my body again!”

– Jeni

“I would highly recommend Kasia’s postnatal exercise programme to anybody looking for a gentle yet challenging return to exercise after having a baby. Kasia is warm and friendly, and provides a stream of encouraging and motivational words throughout her classes. She also provides expert advice to ensure we are each exercising safely within our abilities. In addition, her classes provide a safe place for babies to play (and be fed and changed) along side us, so there’s no need to worry about or plan childcare. She also incorporates many opportunities to engage with our babies as we exercise.”

– Rach

“Kasia’s classes are just lovely! It’s so nice to find a mummy and baby class which focuses on “mummy” and her wellbeing. The classes are relaxed and fun and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. Kasia is very motivating, smiley and bubbly and her positive energy is so infectious!”

– Gemma

“Kasia incredible good in empowering and motivating others, and with seeing the world in a positive light she is a role model to follow. She’s also one of the best people to chat and give advice”

– Anna

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