Risada Lifestyle in partnership with Zija International

Thinking about working from home and creating a residual income then partner with me and Zija International

If you are ready to answer the question: What is that I really, really, really want in life?


Congratulations and well done on that decision!

Becoming Zija International Distributor brings many benefits such as:

  • Purchase products up to 25% off retail price.
  • Participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program—an easy way to compensate our Members for receiving their favorite products on a recurring basis. The longer you’ve had a recurring order, the more points you’ll earn back to buy other products!
  • Earn highly discounted or free products with some of our Distributor-exclusive promotions.
  • Earn an array of prizes, awards, incentive trips (recent destinations include Mexico, Thailand, and a Caribbean cruise)!
  • When you experience the benefits of Zija’s products, sometimes it becomes natural to share your story. If you decide to share the product with others, you can earn commissions and bonuses based off of their actions.

Briefly about me:

Family & friendsactive lifestyle and personal development are the three aspects that I value the most in life.

When I came across this amazing community to grow my business even more I realised that the company offers phenomenal business mentoring and amazing products that goes along. Additionally, it allows me to build time and money freedom for me and my family.

I jumped in and never looked back as partnering with Linda Proctor, wife of The Secret movie star Bob Proctor, and being surrounded with likeminded people who together create supporting environment to reach my desires is the best decision I have made.

You can get to my e-commerce website here.

Check the Zija International company that we can partner with:

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