I love to be active and these are my favourite activities

sportsI just love to move; I truly enjoy sport at almost every form but my favourites are HIIT, Yoga, Dance (Samba) and my most favourite Capoeira.

What are they and why I like them so much?

HIIT or High-Intensive Interval Training is a killer! It’s the one that makes your heart speed up like crazy, you sweat ridiculously and are tired enormously! So what that good about it? You would ask, well it’s the after training feeling of achievement, these endorphins that dance all over your body and big smile that come on my face when I see results of this training!

I can say lots about Yoga and will definitely write a separate blog about it one day but for now I just want to say that it’s such a beautiful practice. I tried so many forms of it and can’t pick my favourite one yet but definitely loved the pregnancy yoga that I did at PPC (www.pregnancyandparents.org.uk). I enjoy my daily 10 sun salutations each morning and like to add some workouts from Idan or Adriene every other day or so. They are wonderful online yoga teachers that show that yoga can be fun!

I love to dance; music makes me move. My favourite, my beloved type of dance is Brazilian Samba and the best teacher I have ever have is Andrea! She brings so much beautiful energy to the class! Samba gives me so much joy but I also really like its sexy side 🙂

I left the best one at the end of this blog post – Capoeira. I’m just in love with this cultural art! It’s such a unique blend of dance, martial art and so much Brazilian culture! But the most important are the people who I met through Capoeira!!! The first person I met in Capoeira and the most important one is my husband Grzes ❤ You can read more about it at www.cdoscotland.com and I’ll for sure write another longer blog about Capoeira.

What’s your favourite sport?

Until the next time!


Patience and baby steps

8264DA52-025C-459D-9495-4617A622DF49They say „Rome was not build in one day”
and I totally get it but I have my days
when I want my dreams to be true right now!!!

I mean now!!!

During these moments I find myself questioning
if what I want will come true. I have so many ideas
and want them to be become reality.

In the past I would look for inspiration in motivational
YouTube videos or books but now I look at my baby.
I see Gabriel learning day by day, improving his skills more
and more and develop new skills. Just few short months ago
he couldn’t even seat and now he crawls and soon will be walking.

This is so amazing to see and I love these mindful moments
when I stop and observe him how he develops
his understanding of this world.

This world is so interesting for Gabriel,
there are so many things he learns
and he does it step by step.

This is exactly the system I relearn from him.

For Gabriel it looks like there is time and space for everything
he wants to achieve and so I’m applying that philosophy to my life now!
There is always time and space for everything
I want to accomplish.

Thanks to my little boy I improve my patience
and become more grounded and balanced with each day!

I invite you to observe how little babies grow and develop!
This is one of the most beautiful and my favourite part
of being a mum 🙂 What’s your favourite part?

Have a wonderful day!!!





Do you want to change the world? Then start from yourself! Chcesz zmian na świecie? Zacznij od siebie!


Our planet needs us, needs our support and us taking care of it! There are so many things out there that we can improve and I believe that the best way to do so is to start from ourselves! Be a better human and you will influence your surrounding! As Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world!” Start from today take small actions and change your world!

Here are some of the actions I truly recommend:

  • Exercise, exercising boost your energy and your mood so you can handle whatever comes your way! Get the free PDF here for exercises that you can do outside and you don’t have to have a baby in a pram to do them 🙂
  • Find some quite time, try meditation or mindfulness
  • Eat healthy – an apple a day keeps doctors away they say so why don’t you add this fruit or any other veggie or fruit to your diet, keep it simple and healthy. Good and healthy diet doesn’t have to be boring or full of sacrifices of your favourite food. Just keep a good balance of what you eat 🙂 Look at good nature based supplements to supplement your diet, check what I promote here.
  • Drink plenty of water – this is the best drink ever, it hydrates, cleanses and boost the energy among other things!

OK, now I’d love to hear from you, what’s your simple daily action that you can introduce today to start to change your world for the better?

Have a wonderful day!



Nasza planeta potrzebuje nas, potrzebuje naszego wsparcia i dbania o nią! Jest tak wiele rzeczy, które możemy poprawić i uważam, że najlepszym sposobem na to jest zacząć od siebie! Bądź lepszym człowiekiem, a wpłyniesz na swoje otoczenie! Jak powiedział Mahatma Gandhi „Musisz być zmianą, którą chcesz zobaczyć na świecie!” Zacznij od dziś, podejmuj małe działania i zmieniaj świat!

Oto niektóre działania, które naprawdę polecam:

  • Ćwicz i popraw swoją energię i nastrój, aby poradzić sobie z tym, co stanie Ci na drodze! Tutaj pobierz darmowy plik PDF z ćwiczeniami, które możesz wykonywać na zewnątrz i nie musisz mieć do tego wózka dziecięcego 🙂
  • Znajdź trochę czasu, spróbuj medytacji lub uważności
  • Jedz zdrowo – angielskie powiedzenie mówi, że jedno jabłko dziennie oddala lekarzy od Ciebie, więc dlaczego nie dodasz tego owocu lub innych warzyw lub owoców do swojej diety, zachowaj prostotę i zdrowie. Dobra i zdrowa dieta nie musi być nudna ani pełna poświęceń związanych z ulubionym jedzeniem. Po prostu utrzymuj równowagę tego, co jesz 🙂 Spójrz na dobre naturalne suplementy uzupełniające dietę, sprawdź, co promuję tutaj.
  • Pij dużo wody – to najlepszy napój na świecie, między innymi nawilża, oczyszcza i zwiększa energię!

OK, teraz chciałbym usłyszeć od Ciebie, jakie jest Twoje proste codzienne działanie, które możesz dziś wprowadzić, aby zmienić świat na lepsze?

Życzę miłego dnia!


Can’t stop thinking about food and fitness

I love holidays and if anyone would ask me what’s the best part of holiday. I would answer it’s FOOD. I just love food and my favourite is Polish food, it reminds me of my childhood and family spending time together. Polish cuisine is full of flavours and as I am just back from Poland I’m full of that yummy food!

Eating was great but then I’ve realised that my mummy tummy that I was shaping since Gabriel was born went out of my control! Luckily, there is always a plank that can help in situations like that! But it’s easier said than done and it’s been challenging at times especially when we were out all day or when Gabriel was ill (he had his first cold while on holiday for the first time! What a timing!)

I kept on going because 1) I want my flat belly back! and 2) I am part of a great group of women who take part in the plank challenge so it’s easier to be motivated if I’m the one who sends daily reminders! Accountability is the key! Therefore I decided to create a Facebook group dedicated especially for us women who are active and for those who want to get back to fitness (Edinburgh Active Mums). Please check it out here and let your girlfriends know about it 🙂 I’d like to build a community of fitness mums to spread the joy of exercising 🙂 fitness is good for you and can be so easily added to your day! By the way, what’s your favourite type of exercises?

Have a wonderful day!


Plank PL

Mum Power and Permission to Shine

I’ve recently realised that since I became a Mum I am stronger, and that’s not the physical strength I’m talking about, although lifting Gabriel makes my arms much stronger 🙂 I’m talking about “Mum Power” that gives me the courage to start my own coaching business and work with mums in Edinburgh. I can’t truly describe this “Mum Power” but because of it I know that I can accomplish anything I want. Of course life is not only rainbows, unicorns and happy days but holding this little boy and feeling the love heal even the darkest day.

I also think that Gabriel presence makes me a better person as he is just a bubble of love and he completely loves us and himself. All children are like that so why we loose this when we become adults? I am guilty of losing the love to myself as for the majority of my 20s I played small and settle for little. However, I always rise up and to boost my mood and energy I like to listen to or watch motivational movies and speeches and I once found this piece of knowledge from the movie Coach Carter (2005):

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” I think that once I become a Mum I gave myself a permission to shine, hope you did too! Let’s shine people!

I’m curious why I didn’t felt that before Gabriel was born. Maybe it was because I was responsible only for myself and now as I have our son here, he makes me wanting to create the best possible life for him, me and out family. Do you also feel this power? Have you ever thought why it wasn’t there before?


Until the next time,





Creating balance in my life, even if sometimes life is upside down

Becoming a Mum is wonderful but it changes your life completely. Even the nine months of pregnancy can’t prepare you for this unique time in your life. I was so excited about the arrival of our baby and when we welcome him here in this world our world changed! There was just as two and now we have this beautiful little person that needs our attention.

In the first few months we were all over the place learning our new roles. Life felt like everything is upside down, and as I wrote in the previous post I first felt lost but then I have discovered the secret to create balance and harmony in life. And the secret is Happy Mum equals happy family. I try to do at least one think a day that makes me happy such as exercise. I love capoeira and yoga and do them as much as I can.

My questions to you are what makes you happy, truly happy? Do you do whatever makes you happy on a daily basis? Or do you put yourself last? I encourage you to leave a comment below because once people write their desires they are more likely to accomplish them.

Until next time 🙂


I am the best Mum I can possibly be BUT is this the only thing in this life for me?

I am the best Mum I can possibly be BUT is this the only thing in this life for me? Am I only a Mum? My baby boy is almost 8 months and I must say that I’ve struggled for months with this feeling that although I am super happy to have a healthy little boy in my life, at the same time I felt lost in my life as an individual. BUT I discovered the secret to balanced and harmony in life.

On this blog pages I want to share tips and suggestions on how I got to a place where I now feel very happy as a Mum 🙂 A little about me, I am a very active person, I love sport and personal development, that’s why for most of my adult life these were my passions which I devoted myself to after studies and work. Almost eight months ago my son was born, and suddenly my whole free time was gone. There was only baby’s time and although I really enjoy his company I struggle because I individually wasn’t doing much. When he was sleeping I did housework and then watch movies or brows social media. Simply because I was lacking something. I was lacking directions, goal and movement. One day after watching movie after movie I realised that I waste my time and that’s why I decided to change my passions into a new business. The secret that I discovered is simple – Happy Mum equals happy family. If you feel miserable your family probably feels miserable as well but if you feel joy, you find joy in your family. Period.

This fitness and life coaching business is for me more than just a business, it is a new lifestyle. Being active can make you feel happy and strong, and a good conversation can open your eyes onto new ideas therefore this unique combination of personal training and life coaching has changed my life. I want to inspire and help Mums to create a better, happier and healthier life. In short, Risada Lifestyle promotes a joyful, balanced and healthy lifestyle, and I can support you to take care of you. Contact me for first free consultation at risadalifestyle@gmail.com.

I feel honoured and I trust

I feel honoured that the girls trust me as a fitness coach and attend my classes. I am just starting out so being able to train with these lovely girls just make me so super happy. It’s also just beautiful to see our babies grow together and develop with each week. I’ve recently started to be a personal trainer, although I have the qualification for a few years now, but I used it to supplement my capoeira training. I had the honour to train a few clients before Gabriel was born and now when I train with a wider audience I feel the privilege to be able to support people on their fitness path.

My capoeira teacher once told me that “teaching is another level of learning” and he is so right! Through teaching I am becoming a better learner as I am relearning exercises as well as the way of teaching. I adapt the training to girls’ level of fitness and ability to do exercises, challenging them with new ways of working with their body and recently with their mind too. I’ve introduced positive affirmations into our training. The affirmations are written on posters and attached to the wall in front of the girls so they are welcome to take them or leave them. The affirmations are there as a guide only; we don’t recite them during the class but anyone is welcome to do so.

I trust that I can be of service and support my clients on their fitness journey. For me it’s an amazing adventure as being a PT is always challenging. You want to be able to pass new things, challenge your clients and still have lot of fun but when you are just starting out you may face the challenge of low clients’ number. I’m there now but I trust that my message can get to a wider audience as I believe there is an audience for every teacher out there. There are so many people on this planet and luckily they all have different taste and needs so I trust my bigger audience is our there and I just need to reach them but for now I am focusing on my little group of super mums 🙂


Why Crane? Dlaczego Żuraw?


You maybe wonder why a paper crane is in my logo. My business is not about origami (nevertheless I love to fold paper and create beautiful cranes), my business is about introducing you to your own path of happiness if you are looking for one. It is about building a beautiful, healthy and balanced life filled with joy and love. I want to help you to lift your habits that block you on your way to your success and inspired you to the new, positive way of thinking so that you can replace the old habits with the new ones that allow happiness and success to enter your life. If you are interested in that then please read further 🙂

I have chosen the Japanese Crane as in Japanese culture cranes symbolise happiness, life and prosperity. It is called a “bird of happiness”. It also symbolises health and longevity as it is believed that cranes can live a 1000 years. Therefore, Japanese people believe that if you fold 1000 cranes then your one dream will come true! Cranes reminds me of happiness and when I fold a crane then I can stop and feel the joy of the moment. This is something that I wish to invite you to feel as well.

Cranes also remind me of the industrial cranes. When you think about the industrial cranes you probably think building site. I believe our life is a bit like a building site, you can create a beautifully structured home that you can fill with joy, maintain with love and live there happily. You can, on the other hand, neglect the building site, so that things just fall apart and it looks more like this unfinished building where you can only see building skeleton. It is all your choice. I cheer you on being an active participant in your own life so let build our homes with love. I would be honour to assist you on your journey so just get in touch with me at risadalifestyle@gmail.com.




Być może zastanawiasz się, dlaczego w moim logo jest żuraw papierowy. W moim biznesie nie chodzi o origami (niemniej jednak uwielbiam składać papier i tworzyć piękne żurawie), moim biznesem jest wprowadzanie cię na własną ścieżkę szczęścia, jeśli jej szukasz. Chodzi o budowanie pięknego, zdrowego i zrównoważonego życia pełnego radości i miłości. Chcę pomóc ci zmienić nawyki, które blokują ci drogę do sukcesu i zainspirować cię do nowego, pozytywnego sposobu myślenia, abyś mógł/a zastąpić stare nawyki nowymi, które pozwalają aby szczęście i sukces weszły w twoje życie. Jeśli jesteś tym zainteresowany, czytaj dalej 🙂

Wybrałam Japońskiego Żurawia, ponieważ w japońskiej kulturze żurawie symbolizują szczęście, życie i dobrobyt. Nazywa się je „ptakami szczęścia”. Symbolizują także zdrowie i długowieczność, ponieważ uważa się, że żurawie mogą żyć 1000 lat. Dlatego Japończycy wierzą, że jeśli złożysz 1000 żurawi, twoje jedno marzenie się spełni! Żurawie przypominają mi szczęście, a kiedy składam żurawia, mogę zatrzymać się i poczuć radość chwili. To jest coś, do czego chciałabym Cię zaprosić.

Żurawie przypominają mi również żurawie/dźwigi przemysłowe. Kiedy myślisz o dźwigach przemysłowych, prawdopodobnie myślisz o budowie. Wierzę, że nasze życie jest trochę jak plac budowy, możesz stworzyć pięknie zorganizowany dom, który możesz wypełnić radością, utrzymać miłością i żyć tam szczęśliwie. Z drugiej strony możesz zaniedbać plac budowy, a rzeczy po prostu się rozpadną i może to wyglądać bardziej jak ten niedokończony budynek, w którym widać szkielet konstrukcji. To wszystko twój wybór. Kibicuję Ci zachęcam abyś był/była aktywnym uczestnikiem swojego życia, więc buduj swój dom z miłością. Będę zaszczycona, aby pomóc Ci w tej podróży, więc skontaktuj się ze mną pod adresem risadalifestyle@gmail.com.