Why fitness challenges are great and why you get the best results by doing that with your friends?

Back in March this year I’ve started these monthly challenges with a group of my friends. Started with the common squats challenge and then move to other parts of the body. As a personal trainer I challenge my clients every day but doing the challenge for myself wasn’t always what I would do.

I thought that if I want to challenge myself then I can as well encourage some of my friends to do it with me. Additionally, it was a source of motivation and accountability for me do to daily videos or posts.

I think that thanks to doing the challenges not by myself I stayed with it and actually got results!

I found this monthly fitness challenges so rewarding! Not only I shape up but I build a stronger relationship with my friends.

Have you done any fitness challenge recently? Let me know what that was, I’m really interested in finding out about new ways to challenge myself 🙂

Below is the squats challenge, add it to your daily workout and enjoy:

KasiaB web
(Photo by Rod Penn)

Day 1-10

Day 2 – 11

Day 3 – 12

Day 4 – 13

Day 5 – 14

Day 6 – 15

Day 7 – Break

Day 8 – 16

Day 9 – 17

Day 10 – 18

Day 11 – 19

Day 12 – 20

Day 13 – 21

Day 14 – Break

Day 15 – 22

Day 16 – 23

Day 17 – 24

Day 18 – 25

Day 19 – 26

Day 20 – 27

Day 21 – Break

Day 22 – 28

Day 23 – 29

Day 24 – 30

Day 25 – 31

Day 26 – 32

Day 27 – 33

Day 28 – Break

Day 29 – 34

Day 30 – 35

It is a gentle challenge for those who have not exercises for long time and want to get back to regular exercises. For those who want a bigger challenge start with 20 and add one more a day.

I am now taking part in 90-days challenge for the whole body if you want to find out more about it then get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!


90 day challenge

I know it already vs what can I learn from it?

I’ve recently listen to my favourite Marie Forleo and she point out that so many of us use “I know it already” way too much!!! After listening to Marie’s recording I’ve realised that I’m too using that statement way too much! And I’ve realised that it is my old programming that caused the results I have as by saying/thinking “I know that” I end up not doing everything the way it should be done.

Marie advice to look into ”what can I learn from it?” instead and so after a few days of this practice I need to say IT WORKS! I’ve learn so much in the past few days just by changing my mindset!

Instead of “knowing” that there is the training I should be on I schedule it and show up.

Instead of “knowing” that the best way to meet new people is to talk to them I challenge myself and set goals to talk to as many people in one day as possible.

Instead of “knowing” that repetition is the key element of learning, I now take time to learn and relearn and relearn and relearn…

and so on…

In just short few days I’ve learn so much just by shifting my mindset.

What is that one think that you already “know” but not really act upon it? Share it in the comments below. (Don’t be this first parrot on the left on the picture that clearly looks board at what the green parrot says 😛 – LOL – couldn’t find a good picture for this blog but this one is funny to put here so hope you like it too 🙂 )

I look forward to reading the comments!

Until the next time!

A project that is not scheduled in your calendar is not an important project!

Often when I’m away my mind slow down and I feel I can accomplish anything. I wish to take this peace of mind with me anytime and anywhere I am! Hence when I again caught myself on wanting to make things happen but not fulfilling all my plans, I though I need to rethink my actions.

For years I wonder “what is wrong with me?” I have such amazing dreams, I wanted to have a balanced family and work life, I wanted to have my own business, I wanted to be a motivational speaker, I wanted to travel, I wanted to not miss any more family occasions, I wanted to attend Capoeira regularly, I wanted to meet up with friends and the list went on and on and on… although I had that all in my head I used to struggle with actually making it all happened!

So what was wrong? Ok, many personal development gurus are saying that you need to have a dream, a goal and then with a small step approach you are just going for it. Sounds good, isn’t it? Following their advices, I set my goals, I then did many steps, bigger or smaller to get closer to my goals but it often felt that I’m not doing enough.

The reason for that was the fact that I was not regular with what I did! I then came across an idea that if I won’t schedule the projects I want to focus on in my calendar, they will never be done. So I started scheduling and…

it changed my life forever!

I’m so much more focused on my projects and I’m more productive because I know how much time I have to complete a specific task.

Are you overwhelmed with many tasks and projects? What’s your solution for making it all working together?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Until the next time,


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Only when you slow down the magic happen… and what about all this tapping

As I mentioned in one of the previous post, there is this song that I learnt years ago when I was a scout… in a loose translation it says you must rush otherwise you can miss so much. I’ve unconsciously lead my life by that. I was rushing and trying so many things just to be sure that I’m not missing on anything.

Then I got to my 30’s and give birth to a beautiful baby boy and my life needed to slow down at least physically. There were days that I was sitting on the coach almost all day as the little one was constantly hungry and then fall asleep after a few sips just to wake up 10 minutes later or when I was just putting him to his cot. Can you relate?

These days I maybe slow down physically but my mind was going crazy. I was thinking what I would do if I could only stand up from the coach. I stress myself out because I was overthinking and then stressing even more. I then rediscovered the tapping technique that really saved me. I found out about it from The Tapping Solution and practice it for several months before it got too usual for me (that one of my blocks – starting so many new things – I’ll write something about that soon).

During the first months of being a mum tapping was the thing that I could do while sitting on the coach. When I felt overwhelmed tapping was there to support me.

Here you have the outline of how I do tapping:

Firstly, measure my feeling on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the issue is unbearable, 1 being it’s all well.

I then start with an opening statement that’s followed by rounds. The opening statement goes like that:

“Even if (state the challenge), I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself”

You repeat that 3 times tapping gently on the side of your hand then continue with the rounds of tapping on the rest of the tapping points.

Start the rounds with the Eye/s Brew point saying your issue and then continue on the rest of the points until you finish with the Top of your head.

You state your struggle on each point. You may be surprise by what comes to your mind in association with the issue. State it out loud and write it down after you finish as maybe there is another avenue to improve.

There is no specific number of rounds. I feel when to stop as I start to feel better and after a few rounds I take a deep breath and measure myself again on the scale from 1 to 10.

Thank to tapping I slow down and although I sometimes have days where I overthink and overwhelm myself but I can always use this amazing tool to get back on track 🙂

I invite you to try it for yourself.

Until the next time,



Others influence you but you can Take it or Leave it!

There were many people who influenced my choices in the past. I’ve asked for advice from some of them but also was faced with some strong advices from others. Just recently I have realised that I have been under the influence of one person and because of that I decided to play small and never show any sign of working on my business, Risada Lifestyle.

The reason was: “What would that person say and think of me?” and the realisation of this was such a phenomenon for me which triggered lots of great work around self-worth and feeling enough.

It triggered lots of questions like “Why did I act in the way to please other?” Why do I put myself second?” “Why do I play small?” Well I realised that the answer is “I am a people pleaser”. I personally don’t want others to think bad about me and in the past I would do everything possible so that they like me. In that way I often sacrificed my happiness as I wasn’t attending to it but rather to the happiness of others.

BUT it all changed with the realisation!

It’s so important to attend to your happiness first before you do anything else because if you are happy you can share this gift of joy with the world and you do so much better. It was so great to realised that I was under this influence because I now can change it, improve my life and attend to my happiness.

Do you have any people who influence you in a negative way? How do you tackle that?

A thought to remember: others influence us and it’s down to us to decide if we’re taking that on board or leaving it.

Lastly let me highlight that we all have a set of experiences that we pick up along the way and yes, we can share them with others and be of service and that’s what I’m striving for here. I love to help people accomplish their desires and I can help you. Get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

Have a beautiful day!


What a great event that was… and full on week…

I have been extremely busy post Baby Show Edinburgh. I was online a bit but did so much off line work for my business that only now have the time to actually review the past weekend and this week.

What a great time I had at Baby Show Edinburgh!!!

I’ve met and chat with incredible soon-to-be and new mums.

I’ve connected with other local businesses most of which are run by mums!!! How amazing that is! We mums can do so much good and I’m so happy that I can connect with these incredible women.

The show was my first big marketing for my business and I’m just blow away with what I got out of it.

This past week was full on in a very positive way!

My last post from the 30thof September said much that I felt disconnected but managed to reconnect to my purpose and I can see the benefits of refocusing on my purpose in my daily life!

I’ve noticed that the more focused I am the more relax I am. Do you have the same?

I feel the clarity and can work more effective if I’m focused on my purpose.

Grzes sees the change in me and has asked this morning: “What do you do that make you not concentrating on the obstacles in life?” Well my answer is I’m crystal clear on my WHY in life, I wrote my vision, I have vision board on my desk, I surround myself with people and things that reminds me of my purpose, I live my purpose…

I really wanted to share that with you as it is very important question that Grzes asked!!!

We focus on the obstacles in life way more then we should… so I encourage you to focus on what you really want in life, surround yourself with things that reminds you of that and create your life this way! You are the creator and the leader of your life so create and lead it the way you truly want.

I want to challenge you to write a vision for yourself. Your Vision of the life you really want to have and then read it every day, morning and evening, for at least the next month. Really see how that make you feel and what choices do you make as of the result of that?

Last question, what can you do today to get closer to your ideal life?

I will leave you with these important but hard questions or are they hard? Hmmm? Maybe we just overthink them (?)

Until the next time,

I felt disconnected…

I was doing my best for the past few weeks, showing up for my Mummy&Me classes and 1-2-1 sessions giving as much as I could. I was there on Facebook doing lives in my beautiful community of Active Mums

and yet I felt disconnected from my goal, from my big why…

I felt that I do all of the things but not moving forward. And this energy spreads as my hubby felt it too, just recently he said: ”Do you also have this impression that you do the things that push you forward but not give you the sense of achievement? I feel sour”. I felt sour as well…

I thought I know my big why but then I’ve realised that my goal was to please other people or help them achieve their goals rather than mines…

Can you relate to that?

I certainly can and I felt so not happy!

Do you remember when I mentioned how important it is to know your big why? (here you have the post about it). It’s so important to have a vision for your life and for me the more crystal clear it is the happier I am.

Hence when I realised that my desire wasn’t focused on me I’ve done lots of ground work. I keep reminding myself that the most important thing is to focus on me. Of course I want to have a healthy and happy family, be great wife, daughter and mum but the crucial thing is to have this goal, this burning desire that make me happy because

Happy Mum Equals Happy Baby and Happy Family!!!

So I’ve refocused on my goals, what I want to accomplish, what I want to have and most importantly how do I want to feel when I accomplish my goal. What’s this burning desire that makes me jump out of my bed in the morning and do my work?

I did some long questions answering sessions with me and read a great book my Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich” and discovered some incredible things about myself.

What I love about our life as human beings it that there is always something we can work on, we can develop if we only want to and yes we will have great day but also low days.

We often forget that we need to give ourselves the permission to have low days. I talk with my hubby a lot about goals and what we want to achieve in life and one day he said that going after your goal is like being in mountains, you see this top of the mountain you want to reach but you may need to go through many valleys and smaller hills before you get on top of your mountain.

So when he said that he feels sour (I like this expression :P) I reminded him of his own story and I want to leave you with this story and ask what is your big mountain that you want to reach?

Have a lovely day!


P.S. An amazing thing about having a blog is that I can read my blogs and reflect. I’ve noticed that I am writing a lot about focusing on my happiness so that I can be a better person for my baby, my hubby, my family, friends, and my clients. I like the fact that it’s a reminder for me and hope it can be a reminder for you too 🙂

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The more you can take care of you, the more you can take care of others!!!

Please imagine two scenarios; one when you feel great in your body and mind and you know you can accomplish everything! The second one is quite the opposite, you feel terrible, weak and not even think about any dreams as you know that they will never happen.

There are obviously two extremes scenarios and life is never all great or all bad but for just a moment think about the first example, how do you feel?

Ok, now think about the second example, and how do you feel? It may feel uncomfortable but please stay with me on that.

Now, take a deep breath… and decide which way of being is better for you and your child (assuming you have one :P)

For me is the first scenario of feeling great in my body and mind. It’s easier to write about it than do it and I so know it from my own experiences. Even today, I woke up after a sleepless night as Gabriel is teething and was up almost all night, and believe me I was not up for doing anything productive today. I felt tired and lacking motivation…

But then I saw myself in the mirror. I saw sad Kasia and realised that Gabriel is seeing me like that and I didn’t like it!

I often say that every individual is the manager of her/his life and create it the way she/he wants it. Yes, there are life situation out of our control that sometimes shape our life but I believe in majority of situation is down to us to make a decision on how we want that situation to unfold for us.

And right at that moment I said to myself that the day has just started and it can actually be an awesome one! I’m responsible for that. I took a deep breath in and out, straighten my back (which by the way I found really amazing cos by the change of my body posture I’ve changed my way of thinking; more on that in another blog)

I smiled to myself and go with the day. I now realised that I already did so much and it’s only just after 2pm. I feel like a winner 😀

By that simple shift in thinking I took care of myself and the more I can take care of me, the more I can take care of others!!! And you too can tap into that as you’re responsible for your life 🙂

Take a good care of yourself!

Until the next time,


Do you count your blessings? Make it your goal.

I’m so grateful for the life I have now: I’m healthy and blessed with healthy little son, wonderful husband and great family & friends. I create a phenomenal community of active mums because I really enjoy my life and want to share that feeling with others. 

Just yesterday I saw Gabriel discovering the sandy at a beach! Such an amazing moment! I’ve started to think about other things I’m so grateful for and decided to make this a regular thing. To consciously give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life. I decided to count my blessings daily and that’s my new goal. Can you set a goal like that? Would that be helpful?

Setting goals is for me really helpful as it keeps me on track with what I want to accomplish. I often use SMART approach to goals setting. Have you ever heard about it? It’s pretty useful and you can read more about that here. I really like this website!

To your success with your goals!

Have a wonderful day!



Goals, Dreams and the Big Why?/ Cele, Marzenia i Wielkie Dlaczego?

[Polska wersja poniżej 🙂 ]

Ever wonder how some people get what they want and some just not seems to have much luck? Is it about the luck or something different? Why most successful people live their dream life? What do they do? And what, on the other hand, unsuccessful people do that keep them where they are?

Let me start from the second group…

Unsuccessful people very often think about what they DON’T want to have, get or experience. They think small and see obstacles when face challenges. They spend their days thinking “one day when I get/be/have I will…” but guess what that day will very rarely or never happen. Unsuccessful people don’t set goals or set not SMART goals and they quite very fast.

Successful people on the other hand…

Successful people think what they DO want to have, get or experience in life. They see opportunities to grow when face challenges. Successful people live in the present moment and do small steps daily towards realisation of their goals. They set goals and know their purpose, their Big Why? Successful people are patient and look at failure as a learning opportunity.

Talking about learning, there is always time for that! I’m just now reading a great book by T. Harv Eker “Think Rich to Get Rich” where you can learn more about what successful people do to be successful!

I encourage you to pick this book up but before that I have some action steps for you:

  1. Reserve some time just for yourself and then set your goals, what do you want in life, what you want to have, what about a family life? How much would you like to earn? Would you like to travel, if so then where? Be SMART about setting goals and SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.
  2. Write down your Big Why? Why do you want all of the things from the 1ststep? How all of that will make you feel? Who would you become?

Please feel free to share your thoughts here or keep it just for yourself. I personally believe that if you talk aloud about your dreams, they manifest faster so encourage you to write a comment 🙂

Until the next time,

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Czy zastanawiałaś się kiedyś, jak niektórzy ludzie dostają to, czego chcą, a niektórzy po prostu nie mają szczęścia? Czy chodzi o szczęście, czy coś innego? Dlaczego najbardziej udani ludzie żyją ich wymarzonym życiem? Co oni robią? A co, z drugiej strony, z ludźmi, którym się nie powodzi, co ich utrzymuje tam, gdzie są?

Zacznę od drugiej grupy…

Ludzie, którym się nie powodzi, bardzo często myślą o tym, czego NIE chcą mieć, zdobyć czy doświadczyć. Myślą w małych formatach i widzą przeszkody, gdy stają przed wyzwaniami. Spędzają dnie myśląc „pewnego dnia, kiedy dostanę / będę miała / będę…”, ale zgadnij co, ten dzień zdarza się dla nich bardzo rzadko lub nigdy. Ludzie, którym się nie powiodło, nie wyznaczają celów albo nie wyznaczają celów SMART, i bardzo szybko rezygnują.

Z drugiej strony ludzie sukcesu…

Ludzie sukcesu myślą, co CHCĄ mieć, zdobyć lub doświadczyć w życiu. Widzą możliwości rozwoju, gdy stają przed wyzwaniami. Ludzie sukcesu żyją w chwili obecnej i codziennie robią małe kroki w kierunku realizacji swoich celów. Wyznaczają cele i znają swój główny cel życia, swoje Wielkie Dlaczego? Ludzie sukcesu są cierpliwi i patrzą na porażkę jako okazję do nauki.

Mówiąc o nauce, zawsze jest na to czas! Właśnie czytam świetną książkę T. Harv Eker „Think Rich to Get Rich”, w której możesz dowiedzieć się więcej o tym, co ludzie robią, by odnieść sukces!

Zachęcam do wzięcia tej książki, ale wcześniej mam dla ciebie kilka działań:

  1. Zarezerwuj trochę czasu dla siebie, a następnie ustal swoje cele, czego chcesz w życiu, co chcesz mieć, a co z życiem rodzinnym? Ile chciałabyś zarabiać? Czy chciałabyś podróżować, jeśli tak, to gdzie? Bądź SMART w ustalaniu celów, a SMART oznacza (Specific) konkretne, (Measurable) mierzalne, (Achievable) osiągalne, (Realistic) realistyczne, (Timely) ustalone w czasie.

2. Zapisz swoje Wielkie Dlaczego? Dlaczego chcesz te wszystkie rzeczy z pierwszego kroku? Jak to wszystko sprawi, że się poczujesz? Kim byś się stała?

Podziel się tutaj swoimi przemyśleniami lub zachowaj je tylko dla siebie. Osobiście uważam, że jeśli głośno mówisz o swoich marzeniach, manifestują się one szybciej, więc zachęcam do napisania komentarza 🙂

Do następnego razu,