“I know it” I said and I was so wrong!

I think I said “I know it” like billions of times and 95% of that I didn’t actually know. I thought I know because I hear what the other person was saying or showing but then explaining the same concept or showing the same moves was not as smooth as I thought it will be…

My capoeira teacher, Mestre Papa Leguas, said once that when people say “I know it” when he demonstrates a move or correct them with something, they often don’t actually know it but they said it anyway.

I didn’t understand what my teacher was saying by that until I caught myself thinking that I know so many things so I’ve got involved in so many projects and I felt overwhelmed, tired and without energy…

Yes, the projects were all linked to my lifestyle or my business but most were not making my cuppa filled but rather they were draining me from energy…

I wanted to know so much and do so much but never gave myself actual permission to act, test and experiment with the knowledge I gained. And it felt so weird as I thought I’ve already learnt that skill of effective learning and taking baby steps to manifest what I want… I even wrote blogs about it but then when Grześ has asked me recently what is that I want to do and focus on I was so indecisive as I was distracted by all these projects

I had this realisation at the end of February and it took me a while to analyse what’s going on hence I decided to take step back from most of my projects and:

  • really look at all the projects I was taking part in;
  • decide on what are the projects in my life I want to focus on;
  • write a plan!


  • decided to never say “I know it” if I actually have no clue what this “it” is!

I even change my website to reflect what I am focusing on NOW.

Before I say what that is, I’d like to leave you with what Mr Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote in this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (by the way if you haven’t yet read it you should get your hands on it now, it’s incredible read!)


My goal for 2019 is to talk to 1000 people and help 100 of them live the life they have always dreamed of. Are you one of 100? Get in touch and book your free discovery call today.

To Your Success!

Have a wonderful day!



Stop being so hard on yourself!

We’re now into February and I wonder how’s your New Year resolutions? Are you on schedule with them, experiencing some delays or maybe quite long time ago?

I’m always trying to get better and I set goals throughout the year but tend to be hard on myself if I’m not reaching a goal in the time I scheduled for it. 

Some time ago I’ve watched a video by Bob Proctor where he said that we don’t know the exact time for our dreams to come true. We can set completion dates but the dream may as well realised earlier or later! He said that we can predict how long it takes for a carrot seed to grow into a vegetable but we can’t predict how long it takes for the spiritual seed to flourish as the source of our dreams is spirit that always looks for ways to express and expand.

If you’re hard for yourself because you’re not doing the actions you meant to but you try doing as best as you can then remember that you only fail when you stop! So do the best you can do and enjoy it!

There is always time and space for everything you want to accomplish so get back to what you planned to do and get the results you always wanted to get. Do something small each day, baby steps are the best!

As Bob Proctor often says, show me what you want and I’ll show you how to get there. I would be honor to support your journey so get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com and let’s design your amazing life!

Have a wonderful day!


you only fail when you stop

Challenge – to see world through child’s eyes

Have you ever witness the world from the perspective of your child? See it through your child eyes? We should all learn from our children as the only thing they do is to develop!

How incredible that is!

I love to observe Gabriel and see the incredible development that takes place. He just grow personally and physically on my eyes!

And he has so much fun doing so!

We often take life too serious especially attempting to achieve a goal or when starting a new project. My hubby Grześ is is a good example of that. After our weekend in Frankfurt where we were on a business workshop he decided to dive all into the business of network marketing I’m in and now a week after he has become so overwhelmed with this project that he started to question if that’s the right path to follow.

Luckily I have him and he has me to talk through all this type of situation and get back on track towards our goals.

We also have an incredible example at home! Gabriel is phenomenal at following through with his goals of learning… and you may think yes but the things that babies are developing are simple and easy, I have serious challenges… but let me stop you here and invite you to rethink that…

Babies development within the first few years of his/her life is the most intensive development for a human being! Things like walking, eating or discovering feelings YES are simple for us adults but so challenging for the little ones… yet they achieve them!

Why do we often don’t achieve our goals then?

You have this fitness goal or career change goal and how is this going? If you struggle to achieve it remember that you are the only person that stops or delay you! So take my advice and look up to your child and see how unstappable he or she is!

Life through a child’s eyes is full of opportunities to grow. I challenge you to look at your life through their eyes and go for your dreams!

Let me know one think that you will implement in your life as part of this challenge. I look forward to read it!

Have a wonderful day!




I’m so happy and grateful now that…

affection appreciation decoration design

Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

I’m so happy and grateful now that I’m going to meet Bob Proctor in Frankfurt over this weekend!

I’ve been following him for over 12 years and always wanted to have the opportunity to meet and chat with him… and it’s now a reality!!! This weekend I’ll be at business workshop and have a full day with this phenomenal man!


this is a dream come true! Do you have any dreams that are waiting for you to achieve them? What’s stopping you?

I had many blocks that stopped me fulfilling my dreams but I started to grow personally and life is amazing! And it’s only gets better! I’m a life coach and can show you how you can move forward with your dreams! Get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com

To your success,



Happy Mum Equals Happy Family!

Happy Mum Equals Happy Family, a group of happy mums equals many happy families! I believe in the power of community and that it takes a village to raise a child.
Being part of mums’ community in my first months as a mum assured me that I’m not alone with my feelings, all of them, the happy and the sad feelings!
I experienced the power of mums’ community first hand and that’s why I run Mummy&Me fitness and group coaching sessions and 1-2-1 PT and life coaching sessions.
If you too want to be part of a community where mums get stronger both physically and mentally then sign up for my classes.
Tuesday 10am-11am Mummy&Me fitness sessions @ NMC, 48 Watson Crescent, EH11 1EP
Tuesday 1pm-2:30pm Mummy&Me fitness and group sessions @ The Space, 183 Dalry Rd, EH11 2EB (New sessions starting the 5th of February)
Thursday 1pm-2pm Mummy&Me fitness sessions @ NMC
Friday 10am -11:30am M&M Fintess and Group CoachingMummy&Me fitness and group sessions @ Out of the Blue, 36 Dalmeny St, EH6 8RG (New sessions starting the 1st of February)

Sign up now via risadalifestyle@gmail.com

More information http://www.risadalifestyle.com, @risadalifestyle or http://www.facebook.com/groups/EdinburghActiveMums/.

What Mums are saying about the classes?

“I would highly recommend Kasia’s postnatal exercise classes to anybody looking for a gentle yet challenging return to exercise after having a baby.”

“Hey! Thank you so much for easing me back into exercise after having Jaxon. Xx”

“The classes have definitely made me fitter and have helped create a good routine. Really relaxed environment but still get a good workout (if Larry lets me!) and really good that the babies come too. Also really focused classes even with all the fun distractions!”

“Kasia’s classes are just lovely! It’s so nice to find a mummy and baby class which focuses on “mummy” and her wellbeing. The classes are relaxed and fun and I always leave feeling better than when I walked in. Kasia is very motivating, smiley and bubbly and her positive energy is so infectious!”

Surround yourself with supportive people!

Who do you surround yourself with determines your results so make your circle of friends/coworkers/workout pals as awesome as you wanted it to be 😁

That’s absolutely true for fitness too, who do you surround yourself with during your workouts, at the gym or even when you plan on starting exercising? Is that person supporting you or quite the opposite?

I surround myself with strong women in life and during my classes. To strengthen my vision of the people I want to be surrounded by I have this on my vision board right in front of me each time I work at my desk! 


I’ve once heard that we are the combination of the five people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. Have a look around you, are you happy with what you see? If the answer is yes then amazing, me too!!! 

But if the answer is no then maybe it’s the time to change some aspects of your life (?)

Change is the natural part of life, if we want to grow we need to change! There is way too many people who want the change but don’t want to change! Are you one of them?

Change may be scary but once you decide on what you want, like who you want to surround yourself with for example, then the change is just a move in the right direction! And by having a vision of your new circle of friends that you surround yourself with, you will be changing your life for the better!

I certainly don’t surround myself with the same people I did when I was in full time jobs because as my own boss I choose my audience, my contractors and places I work at and that changed my life beautifully!

I encourage you to look at your circle of people you surround yourself with and see if they are the best fit for you.

Have a wonderful day!



What is that we really want in life?

What is that we really want in life?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

What’s that you really, really, really want in life?

I invite you to stop and think especially now just before this year ends. Think about how you want your like to look like in 2019 and beyond.

Think from the place of what you individually want! Not as a parent, or daughter, or son, or wife, or employee BUT You, what is that You want?

Think from the place where time or money are not an issue or challenge.

Think from the place where everything is possible despite the facts and reality of your life.

We tend to focus on what we don’t want in life but please just do yourself a favour and focus on what you WANT instead, the results in your life may just surprise you.

Through talking to people I think that there are only five things that we want in life:

  • good health 
  • time freedom 
  • financial freedom 
  • travel 
  • connection

You may dress it up differently like better shape, time for family, buying this new home, visit all the capitals of the world or work with likeminded individuals, but at the end of the day it came down to the five I’ve mentioned above!

If somebody says “oh I hate my job” usually means they actually want something different which could be more money or time freedom or connection. “Oh hate my boss” may mean that they look for better connection with work colleagues.

Whatever it is, you have all you need to create the life you want BUT you must be clear on the what, before creating the life you want!

Get in touch if you want more information on how to creat the life you have always dreamed about!

Have a wonderful day!


Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

Why fitness challenges are great and why you get the best results by doing that with your friends?

Back in March this year I’ve started these monthly challenges with a group of my friends. Started with the common squats challenge and then move to other parts of the body. As a personal trainer I challenge my clients every day but doing the challenge for myself wasn’t always what I would do.

I thought that if I want to challenge myself then I can as well encourage some of my friends to do it with me. Additionally, it was a source of motivation and accountability for me do to daily videos or posts.

I think that thanks to doing the challenges not by myself I stayed with it and actually got results!

I found this monthly fitness challenges so rewarding! Not only I shape up but I build a stronger relationship with my friends.

Have you done any fitness challenge recently? Let me know what that was, I’m really interested in finding out about new ways to challenge myself 🙂

Below is the squats challenge, add it to your daily workout and enjoy:

Day 1 – 10

KasiaB web

(Photo by Rod Penn)

Day 2 – 11
Day 3 – 12
Day 4 – 13
Day 5 – 14
Day 6 – 15
Day 7 – Break
Day 8 – 16
Day 9 – 17
Day 10 – 18
Day 11 – 19
Day 12 – 20
Day 13 – 21
Day 14 – Break
Day 15 – 22
Day 16 – 23
Day 17 – 24
Day 18 – 25
Day 19 – 26
Day 20 – 27
Day 21 – Break
Day 22 – 28
Day 23 – 29
Day 24 – 30
Day 25 – 31
Day 26 – 32
Day 27 – 33
Day 28 – Break
Day 29 – 34
Day 30 – 35


It is a gentle challenge for those who have not exercises for long time and want to get back to regular exercises. For those who want a bigger challenge start with 20 and add one more a day.

I am now taking part in 90-days challenge for the whole body if you want to find out more about it then get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!


90 day challenge

I know it already vs what can I learn from it?

I’ve recently listen to my favourite Marie Forleo and she point out that so many of us use “I know it already” way too much!!! After listening to Marie’s recording I’ve realised that I’m too using that statement way too much! And I’ve realised that it is my old programming that caused the results I have as by saying/thinking “I know that” I end up not doing everything the way it should be done.

Marie advice to look into ”what can I learn from it?” instead and so after a few days of this practice I need to say IT WORKS! I’ve learn so much in the past few days just by changing my mindset!

Instead of “knowing” that there is the training I should be on I schedule it and show up.

Instead of “knowing” that the best way to meet new people is to talk to them I challenge myself and set goals to talk to as many people in one day as possible.

Instead of “knowing” that repetition is the key element of learning, I now take time to learn and relearn and relearn and relearn…

and so on…

In just short few days I’ve learn so much just by shifting my mindset.

What is that one think that you already “know” but not really act upon it? Share it in the comments below. (Don’t be this first parrot on the left on the picture that clearly looks board at what the green parrot says 😛 – LOL – couldn’t find a good picture for this blog but this one is funny to put here so hope you like it too 🙂 )

I look forward to reading the comments!

Until the next time!