Are you too afraid of success? There are so many things you want to accomplish, experiences you want to live and people you want to meet but yet you’re still in the same place. Sounds familiar? 

I’ve been there! I was doing lots keeping myself busy all the time but actually I was stuck! I was stuck in life limiting myself, playing small only because I was worried about what other may say about me! So I enrolled for course after course trying to learn as much as I can. I was in the learning mode all my 20ties, which on one side is great as I’ve learn a lot but on the other hand I haven’t done much. I’ve not put in action the knowledge I’ve gained!! I felt like I was in one place for a few years until I discovered this amazing opportunity that I am now part of!!!!

I’m mentor by the best of the best Linda and Bob Proctor and I really feel privileged to be part of their team!

So much so that I’ve been invited to speak at the convention in Edinburgh at the beginning of July and I really want to invite you guys to be part of it to.

It’s going to be a different kind of conversation…. 

Leadership, Mentorship, Personal growth & development first.

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Come out, meet the team, feel the energy, see the vision and join us as we pave the way for a world with better health, wealth and happiness… NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE!

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Is your life simple or complicated?

My life is simple, I spend lots of time with my family and friends, I eat healthy, I make sure to rest well, and I exercise. Sleeping and resting well is not always achievable having 22 months old boy but I do my best 🙂

I choose to start my own business to simplify my life and love it as it doesn’t feel like a traditional job. I design my life and schedule it around my family. I’m not talking about it to show off but to show that it can be done. 

Whatever I do I strive to have lots of fun. I was talking about happiness in life and how important it is in this blog here. Life should be a fun journey in my opinion hence I improve myself and eliminate blocks that stop happiness to enter my life and I teach my clients how to do this very thing in their lives too.

Today I want to give you just one exercise to do to simplify your life:

But first a little background story to the exercise… 

For years I wonder “what is wrong with me?” I have such amazing dreams, I want to have a balanced family and work life, I want to have my own business, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to travel, I want to not miss any more family occasions, I want to attend Capoeira regularly, I want to meet up with friends and the list go on and on and on… 

Although I have all of that in my head I struggled with actually making it all happen!

So, what went wrong here? 

Ok, many personal development gurus are saying that you need to have a dream, a goal and then with a small step approach you are just going for it. Sounds good, isn’t it? Following their advices, I set my goals, I then did many steps, bigger or smaller to get closer to my goals but it often felt that I’m not doing enough. 

And then I’ve came across this idea my life change completely. A simple idea yet so effective… as I said at the beginning my life is simple and I look for simple solutions… 

The idea is as follow: Project that is not scheduled is not an important project!

If I won’t schedule in my calendar the projects I want to focus on, they will never be done! 

So, I started scheduling and…

it changed my life forever! 

I’m so much more focused on my projects and I’m more productive because I know how much time I have to complete a specific task. 

Are you overwhelmed with many tasks and projects? 

The exercise: start with taking this 10 minutes in the evening to plan the next day and then once per week plan your week and schedule it in your calendar then walk your talk!!! Actually check your calendar, do the tasks and treat them as you would meet with your client or business partner.

You’ll be glad you did that and you’ll be super proud of yourself for doing that. Being committed and super focus on building your life the way you want will bring you great results.

Stay on track!

Have a wonderful day!


Being healthy can be fun!

Through my work I promote healthy body and mind. I support you in creating the balance in life through exercises for the body and mind.

And I do it through encouraging you to feel happy.

Often people focus on what they don’t want in life and struggle with what they want as their focus is on the negative side. So why don’t you check with yourself what you’re focusing on now? Look at the results in your life… look at your health, both in body and mind… are they the way you want them to be or is there something to improve?

And create some fun while improving them. Being healthy can be fun!

Way too often people focus on how much work it takes to get healthy but let me tell you that the process can be a great fun. You just need to find something that makes you feel happy. From exercising point of view, it can be dance or swimming or capoeira. From the mind point of view, it can be personal development, meditation or just taking breaks and relaxing time.

It’s all about you so make it fun!

You may wonder how to do that?

The answer could be to find some inspiration and create your life on your terms. 

I look for inspiration in everyday life, from my family & friends and from teachers I follow. They inspire me to create a better me and in consequences create better life for me, my family, my clients and my environment.

One of the greatest teachers and inspiration for me are Linda and Bob Proctor. I am so happy and grateful that I’ll see them the next weekend on a conference that I was invited to. These guys’ work is phenomenal and I’m just so happy to be part of it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week ahead.



Can there be too much of happiness?

I have had a nightmare recently and woke up with this feeling of a huge gratitude for what I have in life. I thanked for my health and healthy and happy family.

This nightmare made me think of this question: can there be too much of happiness? I was wondering what do you think about it?

Happiness is an incredible important part of what I promote through my business. This together with health and wealth are in my opinion the most important aspects of our lives!

As one part of my mission says here: I spread the happiness and it may sound cheesy but it’s so important! We all function and coexist with each other better if we are in joy, so I create more joy for myself and share it!

How can you do it for yourself?

Try another part of my mission: Reflection and/or Revolution

As it says on the page, Reflection gives us the bigger picture of our life. I believe once we know what’s there, our ups and downs then we can build upon that or improve it. If we’re not aware of what’s going on in our life, then life just go by quickly and we stay in the same place. If we regularly reflect upon our existence, what we do, what brings us joy and what doesn’t then we can really improve our lives.

And then we can create a personal Revolution. Once you reflect and know where you are you can change, improve or build on the joy you have in your life. Start small, maybe add healthy meal to your diet, maybe start exercising, maybe watch less TV, maybe be less on social media; you chose what’s bother for you and change it.

Answering the question from the top: Can there be too much of happiness? I don’t think so! I believe the more happiness you have the more you can share with others! That’s why I promote healthy life with a smile!

I’ll be delighted to help you create more happiness in your life so schedule you discovery call now here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mentorship, is it important?

I am very coachable and enjoy learning new things but, in the past, I got easily bored and could be distracted by another project without completing the project I was on at that time. I was looking for a solution for many years. I was looking for an answer to the following question: What would be the thing that could help me stay motivated and focused on my work? 

At the end of the day staying motivated and focused on my work is so important for my clients and me! 

Have you ever thought about what is the most important element to succeed in life? I certainly thought a lot about it and found what is my key element to my success.

It is having the best possible mentorship! I have in my opinion the best mentors in my life!

The main ones regarding the business and personal development are Linda and Bob Proctor. You may know Bob from the movie The Secret. If you haven’t watched this one yet I recommend it highly as a great start point to what you can learn on the pages of this blog. 

Bob is in the personal development industry for over 55 years and his company Proctor Gallagher helped thousands of people worldwide get to where they want to get.

Linda is a phenomenal businesswoman who as she says spend her time helping people achieve their dreams and she is extremely good at that.

A few years ago, I’ve completed my master degree, started job in my field, as traditionally you would do, but something was still missing! I felt that I need to do something else but I couldn’t figure out what that was.

I change my job to work in the charity sector and thought that this will be the thing because all the personal development grow I’m doing I can use to help people at the charity…

Well I couldn’t be farther from the truth of what it is that I supposed to do! 

My dream was always to be a life coach and onstage speaker, motivating people to change…

But somehow, I was not following my bliss, my dream was just like a wish rather than a goal!

Then my life changed so dramatically during Christmas 2017 and life showed that I needed to really focus on my dream otherwise I’ll be not fulfilled, not happy and will not enjoy my life the way I want and of course my family will not be happy neither. 

Hence, I focused on my dream and started developing my business idea. I already have the personal development experiences and was also in sport all my life, all different sports in my youth and then capoeira since I was 18, so I decided to start my business as Fitness and Life Coach.

I love my business, yet what I enjoy the most about it is the mentorship as I found that being self-employed may sometimes be overwhelming as it seems that I need to do everything. However, with a great mentorship one can accomplish so much more! 

See all the top athletes, like Serena Williams and Michael Jordan, or tv/movie stars, like Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio, they all have mentors and that not just a mentor but the best possible mentor! The mentorship is such an important element of successful career that I’d like to invite you to answer the following questions:

In whatever you do, do you have mentors? And if so do they have excellent experiences that show they’re the experts?

In my opinion these questions are very important and you should answer them for yourself as mentorship is crucial for your success. Please feel free to share the answers here in the comments below or drop me a line if you have any questions about mentorship. My email is

Have a wonderful day!


Superhuman by Tammy Le Vasan

A beautiful friend of mine, Tammy, so kindly wrote a guest blog for my website that I just love and so recommend to read and reflect upon!

Tammy, thank you so much for this reminder!!!

Everyone said that having a baby would be life-changing. What they didn’t say is how it alters your own perception of self. I am 5 months postpartum and am only just coming back to feeling like myself in the last month or so. I know that I still have a way to go to fully feeling like ‘me’ again, but the question is: Will I ever feel wholly like myself now that I have gone through a fundamental change? Should I even be trying to? Or should I be aiming for something different?

While these questions floated about in the sleep deprived ether of my brain, I was also keenly aware of the ‘bouncing back’ narrative that was suddenly everywhere. It was what people were saying to me in the office, it was in the instagram ads on my feed, and it was also self inflicted. I would hungrily look for how many months postpartum other mums were and compare myself to them. This is wrapped up in society’s authorship of the female body, and is just another dichotomy we feel we need to make ourselves fit into: sacred, caring full-time mother, or doing-it-all modern mum. But it’s never that black or white.

So the first thing I want to say here is – this is you. It is normal and you’re doing great. You want to bounce back – I applaud you, get out there and shine. You want to hibernate – I applaud you, settle in for ‘slow mothering’. You can also be anything in the spectrum between those, and you can also be different things on different days. Because in truth, we can’t dictate our experience or control what feelsright. We have a tiny person to listen to, and we should respect them and what they need as well. What we can do is accept our experience and, wherever we can, find beauty in it. And where we can’t, we can find wine, ice cream, coffee, mac’n’cheese, Netflix… whatever it takes.


Another thing I kept hearing was ‘women are superhuman’, or ‘mothers can do it all’. And while I agree wholeheartedly with this, I do NOT agree with what goes unsaid with this kind of thinking. We are superhuman, so we can function with a handful of fitful hours of sleep, and still take care of the house, clean, cook, work and keep a tiny human alive? Nope.

I mean of course we can, we are pretty great after all. But that doesn’t mean we should. I am more than a Superwoman, more than a Mum. I love a walk around exhibitions, I love all things food related, I love getting stuck into debates over bottle(s) of wine, andI am also lazy, greedy, vain and reckless. Sometimes I just want to be those things, and being a perfect mum doesn’t allow for it. So let’s claim being imperfect, and let’s allow our partners to step up to the plate, because they sometimes want to be superheroes too.

On the subject of partners. Another question knocking about is how do we raise a child in an equal household? Being the caregiver and traditional ‘mum’ character in a house tends to mean you don’t have the time and headspace to be the clown, the spontaneous one and the fun one because you’re the one making sure there are clean clothes, a comfortable house and healthy meals ready (not to mention all the planning and admin that comes with having children). But now and then, I would like to be the one that throws caution to the wind. In addition to this, I would like my son to see a male figure being a homemaker and caregiver, so that he can be the same when he is older. Most importantly, I don’t want my daughter growing up feeling that this is the role that is expected of her gender.

Mum’s need not be one dimensional caricatures that fit into society’s ideals and dictates. Let’s celebrate the differences we all have.

So when I ask the question ‘do I feel like myself?’ the answer is no, not yet, but yes, that iswhat I want. I don’t want to be ‘Mum’. I want to be Tammy – all the things that go with being Tammy, and now a parent as well. And I want the same for my partner, and for my children. We should make space for us to exist just as ourselves, and for all of us to be superheroes (if and when we choose).

Tammy Le Vasan (follow @tammymeaculpa for more mum thoughts)

Unique gift

There is Mother’s Day in the UK today Sunday the 31st but this message is not only for mums!

You are UNIQUE and can achieve anything!

We’re all just normal people but each and every one of us has a unique gift that our world needs. Please share it with the world in the best possible way!

Let’s start with this question – what’s your gift? And then follow up question – how can you allow more people to be blessed by your gift?

If you don’t know answers to these questions, don’t worry you’re not alone but stay open to opportunities that come your way. I always had a blurry idea of me being in a business of helping people but wasn’t sure how and when and through what. Because of that I’ve stayed in employment for 12 years before I figured out what that unique gift is.

I love sport and personal development hence I combined the two passions of mine and become fitness and life coach. It took me long time to work it out but now I know that my gift is to share a message about and inspire people to live healthier, happier and wealthier lives and I’m loving it.

So, if you struggle with realising what your gift actually is then I have a little task for you:

Write down all the things that makes you happy in life and then analyse which one you would like to do and share with others, which one you’re really good at that could transform people lives.

And please don’t think about it as creating a business out of it if you don’t want to have a business. You can of course turn it into a business but you may also have a great job and be passionate about helping local charity organising their fundraising events. Thant could be your gift.

What I want to say and leave you with it, is that you’re Unique and really can achieve anything you want so share it with us as we may just look what you’re offering.

Have a beautiful Mother’s Day guys!



mother's day 2019

“I know it” I said and I was so wrong!

I think I said “I know it” like billions of times and 95% of that I didn’t actually know. I thought I know because I hear what the other person was saying or showing but then explaining the same concept or showing the same moves was not as smooth as I thought it will be…

My capoeira teacher, Mestre Papa Leguas, said once that when people say “I know it” when he demonstrates a move or correct them with something, they often don’t actually know it but they said it anyway.

I didn’t understand what my teacher was saying by that until I caught myself thinking that I know so many things so I’ve got involved in so many projects and I felt overwhelmed, tired and without energy…

Yes, the projects were all linked to my lifestyle or my business but most were not making my cuppa filled but rather they were draining me from energy…

I wanted to know so much and do so much but never gave myself actual permission to act, test and experiment with the knowledge I gained. And it felt so weird as I thought I’ve already learnt that skill of effective learning and taking baby steps to manifest what I want… I even wrote blogs about it but then when Grześ has asked me recently what is that I want to do and focus on I was so indecisive as I was distracted by all these projects

I had this realisation at the end of February and it took me a while to analyse what’s going on hence I decided to take step back from most of my projects and:

  • really look at all the projects I was taking part in;
  • decide on what are the projects in my life I want to focus on;
  • write a plan!


  • decided to never say “I know it” if I actually have no clue what this “it” is!

I even change my website to reflect what I am focusing on NOW.

Before I say what that is, I’d like to leave you with what Mr Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote in this book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (by the way if you haven’t yet read it you should get your hands on it now, it’s incredible read!)


My goal for 2019 is to talk to 1000 people and help 100 of them live the life they have always dreamed of. Are you one of 100? Get in touch and book your free discovery call today.

To Your Success!

Have a wonderful day!



Stop being so hard on yourself!

We’re now into February and I wonder how’s your New Year resolutions? Are you on schedule with them, experiencing some delays or maybe quite long time ago? I’m always trying to get better and I set goals throughout the year but tend to be hard on myself if I’m not reaching a goal in the time I scheduled for it.  Some time ago I’ve watched a video by Bob Proctor where he said that we don’t know the exact time for our dreams to come true. We can set completion dates but the dream may as well realised earlier or later! He said that we can predict how long it takes for a carrot seed to grow into a vegetable but we can’t predict how long it takes for the spiritual seed to flourish as the source of our dreams is spirit that always looks for ways to express and expand. If you’re hard for yourself because you’re not doing the actions you meant to but you try doing as best as you can then remember that you only fail when you stop! So do the best you can do and enjoy it! There is always time and space for everything you want to accomplish so get back to what you planned to do and get the results you always wanted to get. Do something small each day, baby steps are the best! As Bob Proctor often says, show me what you want and I’ll show you how to get there. I would be honor to support your journey so get in touch at and let’s design your amazing life! Have a wonderful day!




you only fail when you stop