Welcome to Risada Lifestyle,
a fitness & life coaching business based in Edinburgh, the UK.

Are you tired of trying to get fit without results you want? Are you tried of spending time and money without getting results? Are you lacking the motivation to move?


Are you looking for more from your healthy and active lifestyle? Are you ready to transform it into a career that will give you satisfaction and results to your clients?

Kasia Wypiorczyk is Fitness and Life Coach who combines what’s the best of fitness coach and life coach to help individuals to establish and maintain healthy and active lifestyle or if you already have that lifestyle then she helps you turn it into a profitable career.

She begins with asking you what is that you really want in life, especially if you consider your health and active lifestyle?

When was the last time you really thought about that?

The time is now!

She works with those who want to:
OPTION 1: have a healthy and active lifestyle.
OPTION 2: turn this lifestyle into a career.

Let’s Work Together!

Fitness & Life Coaching
PT Sessions

from £140

Why, How and What
Life Coaching Programme

from £225

Why, How and What
Business Coaching Programme

from £270

Is Kasia the right fit for you?
She is:
– Authentic,
– Solutions orientated mentor,
– Source of inspiration and motivation,
– Positive coffee and cake lover,
– Fun and easy to talk to!

Are you the right fit to work with me?
She works with people who are:
– Coachable,
– Active Listener,
– Effective Converser,
– Positive and Authentic,
– Willing to get out of comfort zones!

We can also work together with network marketing company.
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For more general information 
on getting started and creating healthy and active lifestyle, please visit my blog.

A message from Kasia, your coach:

You Are The Leader Of Your Life!
Only you can improve your life, you’re the leader! I can show you how to take your power back and allow yourself to create the healthy and active life you have always dreamed about!

Check the about section to find out more about me

Risada Lifestyle

Founded in 2018 by Kasia Wypiorczyk, Risada Lifestyle, started as a traditional fitness and life coaching business and transformed into global business helping you develop your winning mindset using the vehicle of Isagenix and Zija International to improve your life on a physical and mental level.

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