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Hey, are you a millennial?

Do you know that TIME magazine in article Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation called us lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow? 

I think we are some of the most hard working, selfless people who actually often feel disqualified not entitled and who have deep inside! We can bring the best out of us if our work has meaning and we feel sens of purpose, we can connect to others and have freedom of time and travel. 

Have you found this right thing for you? I did and can show you how!

Let me give you a bit of a background:

➤ I was always studying and working full-time in the field that was the “right” career to follow 40/40 plan (work 40h a week for 40 years to retire) 

➤ But i was not fulfilled and when my baby boy was born I decided to started my fitness and life coaching traditional business to Develop Your Winning Mindset and Healthy Body! 

➤ In the meantime of running the business I partnered with online wellness company Zija International. 

➤ My offline business went well until Covd-19 so I made a decision to go 100% online and focus on my online business 

This was the right thing for me and you can do that for you as well! Now I invite you:

➤➤ to work with me and Linda Proctor (wife of Bob Proctor, the start of the movie The Secret) and Team Executive Network (TEN) to mentor and coach global business leaders to time and financial freedom. Partnering with international wellness company Isagenix (and Zija International), you can too create a pathway for entrepreneurs to build a global online business.

➤ START is a program for 18- to 35-year-olds within Isagenix that we’re all extremely honored to be a part of. We are passionate about showing others that network marketing is the profession for the next generation. This simple business model is all about sharing products with others, which is something we all do naturally.

Contact me if you would like to see how this business could align with your life. 

Because when people come together…anything is possible!

Risada Lifestyle

Founded in 2018 by Kasia Wypiorczyk, Risada Lifestyle, started as a traditional fitness and life coaching business and transformed into global business helping you develop your winning mindset using the vehicle of Isagenix International to improve your life on a physical and mental level.

Do you have questions about our yoga studio or the yoga classes we offer here?


Edinburgh, UK

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