Fitness & Life Coaching PT Sessions

The fitness coaching sessions are tailored to meet your needs and we focus on shaping your muscles and working on your cardio too.

It is Your Investment in Your Health:


• Had a strong body and mind.

• Feel great in your own skin.

•Could stop trial and error and use a programme that works!

• Eliminated overwhelm and accelerated your progress.

• Spent more time enjoying what you want than worrying about how it will happen.

• Had Personal Trainer that is a Life Coach too and help to achieve any goal you set. 

Really feel what that would be like and think, what do you really want?

Your Coach

Kasia is a fitness and life coach who is in the industry of fitness and personal growth for the past 15 years. Read more about here in the About section.

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Risada Lifestyle

Founded in 2018 by Kasia Wypiorczyk, Risada Lifestyle, started as a traditional fitness and life coaching business and transformed into global business helping you develop your winning mindset using the vehicle of Isagenix and Zija International to improve your life on a physical and mental level.

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