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M&M Fitness

Mummy & Me is a gentle fitness program for new mums to support their body and mind in this very special time. These new gentle postnatal classes offer safe and simple exercises to support your fitness journey after having a baby. You can do most of the exercises with your baby in hands or in a sling.

We work on all main part of the body and take extra care of the pelvic floor and the abdominal muscles especially if you are after C-section or have Diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation.

Mummy & Me is more than getting back in shape, it’s getting to a place where you love your body the way it is. I’m a new mum and hence know how sometimes is hard to include fitness in my already busy life but I also know how important it is to stay healthy and fit hence I offer tailored programme that is designed to meet your fitness needs.

Booking is essential so get in touch with Kasia at or 07895483226 and book it now.

How will it benefit me?
The sessions gives the opportunity for the new mum to stretch and strengthen her body and also focuses on pelvic floor and abs separation to let the new mother come back to strength after pregnancy and childbirth.

Will it benefit my baby?
It is never too early to introduce fitness in baby’s life to improving baby’s sensory-motor development and meeting baby’s need for motion and interaction with other babies as babies love to socialise with other babies and adults. It is never too soon to make friends that could then become friends to play with in the park in the future. The sessions also give the opportunity for the mum to exercise with baby in hands or sling which strengthen the parent-child bond.

Try a brand new class: Mummy&Me Fitness and Group coaching, check it out here.

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