I know it already vs what can I learn from it?

I’ve recently listen to my favourite Marie Forleo and she point out that so many of us use “I know it already” way too much!!! After listening to Marie’s recording I’ve realised that I’m too using that statement way too much! And I’ve realised that it is my old programming that caused the results I […]

A project that is not scheduled in your calendar is not an important project!

Often when I’m away my mind slow down and I feel I can accomplish anything. I wish to take this peace of mind with me anytime and anywhere I am! Hence when I again caught myself on wanting to make things happen but not fulfilling all my plans, I though I need to rethink my […]

Only when you slow down the magic happen… and what about all this tapping

As I mentioned in one of the previous post, there is this song that I learnt years ago when I was a scout… in a loose translation it says you must rush otherwise you can miss so much. I’ve unconsciously lead my life by that. I was rushing and trying so many things just to […]

Others influence you but you can Take it or Leave it!

There were many people who influenced my choices in the past. I’ve asked for advice from some of them but also was faced with some strong advices from others. Just recently I have realised that I have been under the influence of one person and because of that I decided to play small and never […]

The more you can take care of you, the more you can take care of others!!!

Please imagine two scenarios; one when you feel great in your body and mind and you know you can accomplish everything! The second one is quite the opposite, you feel terrible, weak and not even think about any dreams as you know that they will never happen. There are obviously two extremes scenarios and life […]

Do you count your blessings? Make it your goal.

I’m so grateful for the life I have now: I’m healthy and blessed with healthy little son, wonderful husband and great family & friends. I create a phenomenal community of active mums because I really enjoy my life and want to share that feeling with others.  Just yesterday I saw Gabriel discovering the sandy at […]