Risada Lifestyle promotes happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle advices by providing the service of tailored fitness programmes and life coaching sessions to its customers. It is a business dedicated to support the whole family, but supporting Mum-to-be and new Mums is at its heart. Happy Mama that has a balanced lifestyle can be an incredible influence on the baby and the entire family, raising her children and the family in a healthy way. She can be an advocate for healthy lifestyle that is good for the whole family.

Hi, my name is Kasia and I am a personal trainer and a life coach and Risada Lifestyle is my coaching business. In short I have a beautiful family and great friends, and I train Capoeira, a Brazilian cultural art. Fitness and personal development are the passions of my life and I have them at a center of the creation of my balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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I run fitness classes and 1-2-1 sessions (actually 2-2-2 as our babies are with us 😛 ). Check the Mummy & Me page for more details.

Get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com and we can schedule 30 minutes free coaching session to see if we suit each other.

You probably wonder what does Risada mean? I said that I train Capoeira and my Capoeira nickname is Risada, which in Portuguese means a smile. So I really am an activist who spread the idea of “Healthy and Balance Life with a Smile!”

Risada Lifestyle is the movement that helps people create healthier, more balanced and happier lifestyle for them and their families, It is the idea of encouragement and support on a journey towards more sustainable life for all who are willing to develop and grow.

In times when many people rush through their life and can’t find the time for themselves and to create a healthy lifestyle. I offer support to find health and balance in their life and yes have fun too!

Overwhelmed and not know how to find the balance again? Risada Lifestyle can be the answer to your question, get in touch and receive 30 minutes free coaching with me. Contact Kasia at risadalifestyle@gmail.com.