Risada Lifestyle

A wellness business that promotes healthy and active lifestyle to children and adults through Children’s Capoeira classes, individual Personal Training sessions and Family Training Sessions. The business is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and has been running since 2018.

Dream Big!
Work Hard!

Risada Lifestyle aims to help you and your family improve your health, and develop healthy and active habits for life time.

The Core Values

Individual Attention

Every Capoeira class, PT session or family session is individually tailored to give your child, you and your family the time and attention that you need in order to succeed. I believe in individual attention to details so that you and your family can develop healthy and active habits for life.

Fantastic Service

Each session, personal or group, is tailored to meet the needs of the participants and to develop physical excellence. 
For children: I follow the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence to make sure our students receive the best chance to develop their unique movement abilities as well as develop in so many other ways, the list of benefits of Capoeira is here.
For adults: I meet you where you are and tailor the fitness program to your needs and abilities so that you receive your results while working hard and having fun.
I believe this better prepares your child and you for developing the healthy and active lifestyle.

Skills for a Life Time

I believe in equipping your children and you with the skills to be able to use for the rest of your lives! By instilling a new fitness habits, I believe you all will be able to live healthier and happier for live!

Below are also some of the rules that I live by and my business Risada Lifestyle is based on. You are invited to take them on board as they work for me and may also work for you!

Spread the happiness – may be cheesy but so important! We all function and coexist with each other better if we are in joy, so I create more joy for myself and share it!

Promote healthy body and mind – create the balance in life through exercises for the body and mind.

Have lots of fun – improving myself and eliminating blocks that stop happiness to enter my life as life need to be a fun journey in my opinion!

Be passionate about self-development – my favourite saying is “every day is a school day so I learn and put this knowledge in practice daily” as we can learn something new or improve the existing skill every day.

Love our planet – think sustainable about my life so I can create a better world for all!

Appreciate – count my blessing each day and I will have more of them showing up in my life.

Risada – Happy Laughter

Risada means happy laughter in Portuguese, it is my Capoeira nickname and it means a lot more to me:

Reflection or Revolution
Simple life
Achievement through Action
Reflection or Revolution

Reflection or Revolution

Let me start from Reflection as I believe once I know what blocks me then I can improve it. If we’re not aware of what’s going on in our life, then life just go by quickly and we stay in the same place. If we regularly reflect upon our existence, what we do, what brings us joy and what doesn’t then we can really improve our lives.

And then we can create a personal Revolution. Once you reflect and know where you are you can change, improve or build on the joy you have in your life. Start small, maybe add healthy meal to your diet, maybe start exercising, maybe watch less TV, maybe be less on social media; you chose what bothers you and change it.


I look for inspiration in everyday life, from my family & friends and from teachers I follow. They inspire me to create a better me and in consequences create better life for me, my family and my environment.

Simple life

My life is simple, I spend lots of time with my family and friends, I eat healthy, I make sure to rest well, and I exercise. I choose to start my own business to simplify my life and love it as it doesn’t feel like a traditional job. I also am sustainable, I take care of the environment by recycling, using resources efficiently and support charities that are helping our planet.


I think life is a fabulous adventure and there is so much to discover, learn and experience. You can find an adventure every day just be open to all experiences because all is happening for a reason 🙂


I have lots of goals that I want to achieve and that makes my life even more interesting because I know that I’m on a journey where my dreams come true and I experience so much joy along the way. I compare accomplishing dreams to traveling, travel is never just going from place A to place B but it’s about what happen along the way!

Achievement through Action

Having dreams is one thing but actually achieving them is a next level thing! I could just day dream and imagine my perfect life but in order to actually live it one should take action and that’s what I do. In order to accomplish a goal/dream I plan it and then make conscious actions so I change, improve and better myself through achieving them.

About Kasia

Hi, my name is Kasia and Risada Lifestyle is my business. I am a mum of one beautifully boy, a wife of one handsome and creative Capoerista and African drums Drummer, a Capoeira teacher, and a coffee freak. My husband and I share a passion for active, healthy and joyful life that we promote in our businesses. I also love to share good meals (and good wine) around a very large table with friends. 

You probably wonder what does Risada mean? I said that I train Capoeira and my Capoeira nickname is Risada, which in Portuguese means a happy laughter. I really am an activist who spread the idea of Healthy and Balance Life with a Smile!

Risada Lifestyle is the business that helps people create the life they always dreamed about for them and their families. It is the idea of encouragement and support on a journey towards more healthy and active life for all who are willing to develop and grow. In times when many people rush through their life and can’t find the time for themselves and to create a healthy lifestyle, I offer support to find health and being active in everyday life and yes have fun too!

Overwhelmed and not know how to find the balance again? Risada Lifestyle can be the answer to your problem, get in touch and let’s chat.

Sending you warm regards,

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