Down and Up Motivation / Motywacja w Dół i w Górę

The energy, motivation and joy after the event and how to sustain it for longer You attended an event, could be a training call with your company, a motivational speech, a global or local event, and you have this energy, motivation and joy from it as you reconnected to your passion, reconnected with your “Why?”Continue reading “Down and Up Motivation / Motywacja w Dół i w Górę”

I start all over / Zaczynam od nowa

[ENG, przejdź na polską wersję na dół strony] Hello, today I’m going to be quite personal and share my story with you as during this current situation I took my own advice I give to my clients and completely revised my life and all I do and I start all over. Let me share myContinue reading “I start all over / Zaczynam od nowa”