Is your life simple or complicated?

My life is simple, I spend lots of time with my family and friends, I eat healthy, I make sure to rest well, and I exercise. Sleeping and resting well is not always achievable having 22 months old boy but I do my best 🙂

I choose to start my own business to simplify my life and love it as it doesn’t feel like a traditional job. I design my life and schedule it around my family. I’m not talking about it to show off but to show that it can be done. 

Whatever I do I strive to have lots of fun. I was talking about happiness in life and how important it is in this blog here. Life should be a fun journey in my opinion hence I improve myself and eliminate blocks that stop happiness to enter my life and I teach my clients how to do this very thing in their lives too.

Today I want to give you just one exercise to do to simplify your life:

But first a little background story to the exercise… 

For years I wonder “what is wrong with me?” I have such amazing dreams, I want to have a balanced family and work life, I want to have my own business, I want to be a motivational speaker, I want to travel, I want to not miss any more family occasions, I want to attend Capoeira regularly, I want to meet up with friends and the list go on and on and on… 

Although I have all of that in my head I struggled with actually making it all happen!

So, what went wrong here? 

Ok, many personal development gurus are saying that you need to have a dream, a goal and then with a small step approach you are just going for it. Sounds good, isn’t it? Following their advices, I set my goals, I then did many steps, bigger or smaller to get closer to my goals but it often felt that I’m not doing enough. 

And then I’ve came across this idea my life change completely. A simple idea yet so effective… as I said at the beginning my life is simple and I look for simple solutions… 

The idea is as follow: Project that is not scheduled is not an important project!

If I won’t schedule in my calendar the projects I want to focus on, they will never be done! 

So, I started scheduling and…

it changed my life forever! 

I’m so much more focused on my projects and I’m more productive because I know how much time I have to complete a specific task. 

Are you overwhelmed with many tasks and projects? 

The exercise: start with taking this 10 minutes in the evening to plan the next day and then once per week plan your week and schedule it in your calendar then walk your talk!!! Actually check your calendar, do the tasks and treat them as you would meet with your client or business partner.

You’ll be glad you did that and you’ll be super proud of yourself for doing that. Being committed and super focus on building your life the way you want will bring you great results.

Stay on track!

Have a wonderful day!


Published by Kasia

Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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