Can there be too much of happiness?

I have had a nightmare recently and woke up with this feeling of a huge gratitude for what I have in life. I thanked for my health and healthy and happy family.

This nightmare made me think of this question: can there be too much of happiness? I was wondering what do you think about it?

Happiness is an incredible important part of what I promote through my business. This together with health and wealth are in my opinion the most important aspects of our lives!

As one part of my mission says here: I spread the happiness and it may sound cheesy but it’s so important! We all function and coexist with each other better if we are in joy, so I create more joy for myself and share it!

How can you do it for yourself?

Try another part of my mission: Reflection and/or Revolution

As it says on the page, Reflection gives us the bigger picture of our life. I believe once we know what’s there, our ups and downs then we can build upon that or improve it. If we’re not aware of what’s going on in our life, then life just go by quickly and we stay in the same place. If we regularly reflect upon our existence, what we do, what brings us joy and what doesn’t then we can really improve our lives.

And then we can create a personal Revolution. Once you reflect and know where you are you can change, improve or build on the joy you have in your life. Start small, maybe add healthy meal to your diet, maybe start exercising, maybe watch less TV, maybe be less on social media; you chose what’s bother for you and change it.

Answering the question from the top: Can there be too much of happiness? I don’t think so! I believe the more happiness you have the more you can share with others! That’s why I promote healthy life with a smile!

I’ll be delighted to help you create more happiness in your life so schedule you discovery call now here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Published by Kasia

Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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