Mentorship, is it important?

I am very coachable and enjoy learning new things but, in the past, I got easily bored and could be distracted by another project without completing the project I was on at that time. I was looking for a solution for many years. I was looking for an answer to the following question: What would be the thing that could help me stay motivated and focused on my work? 

At the end of the day staying motivated and focused on my work is so important for my clients and me! 

Have you ever thought about what is the most important element to succeed in life? I certainly thought a lot about it and found what is my key element to my success.

It is having the best possible mentorship! I have in my opinion the best mentors in my life!

The main ones regarding the business and personal development are Linda and Bob Proctor. You may know Bob from the movie The Secret. If you haven’t watched this one yet I recommend it highly as a great start point to what you can learn on the pages of this blog. 

Bob is in the personal development industry for over 55 years and his company Proctor Gallagher helped thousands of people worldwide get to where they want to get.

Linda is a phenomenal businesswoman who as she says spend her time helping people achieve their dreams and she is extremely good at that.

A few years ago, I’ve completed my master degree, started job in my field, as traditionally you would do, but something was still missing! I felt that I need to do something else but I couldn’t figure out what that was.

I change my job to work in the charity sector and thought that this will be the thing because all the personal development grow I’m doing I can use to help people at the charity…

Well I couldn’t be farther from the truth of what it is that I supposed to do! 

My dream was always to be a life coach and onstage speaker, motivating people to change…

But somehow, I was not following my bliss, my dream was just like a wish rather than a goal!

Then my life changed so dramatically during Christmas 2017 and life showed that I needed to really focus on my dream otherwise I’ll be not fulfilled, not happy and will not enjoy my life the way I want and of course my family will not be happy neither. 

Hence, I focused on my dream and started developing my business idea. I already have the personal development experiences and was also in sport all my life, all different sports in my youth and then capoeira since I was 18, so I decided to start my business as Fitness and Life Coach.

I love my business, yet what I enjoy the most about it is the mentorship as I found that being self-employed may sometimes be overwhelming as it seems that I need to do everything. However, with a great mentorship one can accomplish so much more! 

See all the top athletes, like Serena Williams and Michael Jordan, or tv/movie stars, like Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo DiCaprio, they all have mentors and that not just a mentor but the best possible mentor! The mentorship is such an important element of successful career that I’d like to invite you to answer the following questions:

In whatever you do, do you have mentors? And if so do they have excellent experiences that show they’re the experts?

In my opinion these questions are very important and you should answer them for yourself as mentorship is crucial for your success. Please feel free to share the answers here in the comments below or drop me a line if you have any questions about mentorship. My email is

Have a wonderful day!


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