Stop being so hard on yourself!

We’re now into February and I wonder how’s your New Year resolutions? Are you on schedule with them, experiencing some delays or maybe quite long time ago? I’m always trying to get better and I set goals throughout the year but tend to be hard on myself if I’m not reaching a goal in the time I scheduled for it.  Some time ago I’ve watched a video by Bob Proctor where he said that we don’t know the exact time for our dreams to come true. We can set completion dates but the dream may as well realised earlier or later! He said that we can predict how long it takes for a carrot seed to grow into a vegetable but we can’t predict how long it takes for the spiritual seed to flourish as the source of our dreams is spirit that always looks for ways to express and expand. If you’re hard for yourself because you’re not doing the actions you meant to but you try doing as best as you can then remember that you only fail when you stop! So do the best you can do and enjoy it! There is always time and space for everything you want to accomplish so get back to what you planned to do and get the results you always wanted to get. Do something small each day, baby steps are the best! As Bob Proctor often says, show me what you want and I’ll show you how to get there. I would be honor to support your journey so get in touch at and let’s design your amazing life! Have a wonderful day!




you only fail when you stop

Challenge – to see world through child’s eyes

Have you ever witness the world from the perspective of your child? See it through your child eyes? We should all learn from our children as the only thing they do is to develop!

How incredible that is!

I love to observe Gabriel and see the incredible development that takes place. He just grow personally and physically on my eyes!

And he has so much fun doing so!

We often take life too serious especially attempting to achieve a goal or when starting a new project. My hubby Grześ is is a good example of that. After our weekend in Frankfurt where we were on a business workshop he decided to dive all into the business of network marketing I’m in and now a week after he has become so overwhelmed with this project that he started to question if that’s the right path to follow.

Luckily I have him and he has me to talk through all this type of situation and get back on track towards our goals.

We also have an incredible example at home! Gabriel is phenomenal at following through with his goals of learning… and you may think yes but the things that babies are developing are simple and easy, I have serious challenges… but let me stop you here and invite you to rethink that…

Babies development within the first few years of his/her life is the most intensive development for a human being! Things like walking, eating or discovering feelings YES are simple for us adults but so challenging for the little ones… yet they achieve them!

Why do we often don’t achieve our goals then?

You have this fitness goal or career change goal and how is this going? If you struggle to achieve it remember that you are the only person that stops or delay you! So take my advice and look up to your child and see how unstappable he or she is!

Life through a child’s eyes is full of opportunities to grow. I challenge you to look at your life through their eyes and go for your dreams!

Let me know one think that you will implement in your life as part of this challenge. I look forward to read it!

Have a wonderful day!