Why fitness challenges are great and why you get the best results by doing that with your friends?

Back in March this year I’ve started these monthly challenges with a group of my friends. Started with the common squats challenge and then move to other parts of the body. As a personal trainer I challenge my clients every day but doing the challenge for myself wasn’t always what I would do.

I thought that if I want to challenge myself then I can as well encourage some of my friends to do it with me. Additionally, it was a source of motivation and accountability for me do to daily videos or posts.

I think that thanks to doing the challenges not by myself I stayed with it and actually got results!

I found this monthly fitness challenges so rewarding! Not only I shape up but I build a stronger relationship with my friends.

Have you done any fitness challenge recently? Let me know what that was, I’m really interested in finding out about new ways to challenge myself 🙂

Below is the squats challenge, add it to your daily workout and enjoy:

KasiaB web
(Photo by Rod Penn)

Day 1-10

Day 2 – 11

Day 3 – 12

Day 4 – 13

Day 5 – 14

Day 6 – 15

Day 7 – Break

Day 8 – 16

Day 9 – 17

Day 10 – 18

Day 11 – 19

Day 12 – 20

Day 13 – 21

Day 14 – Break

Day 15 – 22

Day 16 – 23

Day 17 – 24

Day 18 – 25

Day 19 – 26

Day 20 – 27

Day 21 – Break

Day 22 – 28

Day 23 – 29

Day 24 – 30

Day 25 – 31

Day 26 – 32

Day 27 – 33

Day 28 – Break

Day 29 – 34

Day 30 – 35

It is a gentle challenge for those who have not exercises for long time and want to get back to regular exercises. For those who want a bigger challenge start with 20 and add one more a day.

I am now taking part in 90-days challenge for the whole body if you want to find out more about it then get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com

Have a wonderful day!


90 day challenge

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