Others influence you but you can Take it or Leave it!

There were many people who influenced my choices in the past. I’ve asked for advice from some of them but also was faced with some strong advices from others. Just recently I have realised that I have been under the influence of one person and because of that I decided to play small and never show any sign of working on my business, Risada Lifestyle.

The reason was: “What would that person say and think of me?” and the realisation of this was such a phenomenon for me which triggered lots of great work around self-worth and feeling enough.

It triggered lots of questions like “Why did I act in the way to please other?” Why do I put myself second?” “Why do I play small?” Well I realised that the answer is “I am a people pleaser”. I personally don’t want others to think bad about me and in the past I would do everything possible so that they like me. In that way I often sacrificed my happiness as I wasn’t attending to it but rather to the happiness of others.

BUT it all changed with the realisation!

It’s so important to attend to your happiness first before you do anything else because if you are happy you can share this gift of joy with the world and you do so much better. It was so great to realised that I was under this influence because I now can change it, improve my life and attend to my happiness.

Do you have any people who influence you in a negative way? How do you tackle that?

A thought to remember: others influence us and it’s down to us to decide if we’re taking that on board or leaving it.

Lastly let me highlight that we all have a set of experiences that we pick up along the way and yes, we can share them with others and be of service and that’s what I’m striving for here. I love to help people accomplish their desires and I can help you. Get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

Have a beautiful day!


Published by risadalifestyle

Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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