What a great event that was… and full on week…

I have been extremely busy post Baby Show Edinburgh. I was online a bit but did so much off line work for my business that only now have the time to actually review the past weekend and this week.

What a great time I had at Baby Show Edinburgh!!!

I’ve met and chat with incredible soon-to-be and new mums.

I’ve connected with other local businesses most of which are run by mums!!! How amazing that is! We mums can do so much good and I’m so happy that I can connect with these incredible women.

The show was my first big marketing for my business and I’m just blow away with what I got out of it.

This past week was full on in a very positive way!

My last post from the 30thof September said much that I felt disconnected but managed to reconnect to my purpose and I can see the benefits of refocusing on my purpose in my daily life!

I’ve noticed that the more focused I am the more relax I am. Do you have the same?

I feel the clarity and can work more effective if I’m focused on my purpose.

Grzes sees the change in me and has asked this morning: “What do you do that make you not concentrating on the obstacles in life?” Well my answer is I’m crystal clear on my WHY in life, I wrote my vision, I have vision board on my desk, I surround myself with people and things that reminds me of my purpose, I live my purpose…

I really wanted to share that with you as it is very important question that Grzes asked!!!

We focus on the obstacles in life way more then we should… so I encourage you to focus on what you really want in life, surround yourself with things that reminds you of that and create your life this way! You are the creator and the leader of your life so create and lead it the way you truly want.

I want to challenge you to write a vision for yourself. Your Vision of the life you really want to have and then read it every day, morning and evening, for at least the next month. Really see how that make you feel and what choices do you make as of the result of that?

Last question, what can you do today to get closer to your ideal life?

I will leave you with these important but hard questions or are they hard? Hmmm? Maybe we just overthink them (?)

Until the next time,

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Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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