The more you can take care of you, the more you can take care of others!!!

Please imagine two scenarios; one when you feel great in your body and mind and you know you can accomplish everything! The second one is quite the opposite, you feel terrible, weak and not even think about any dreams as you know that they will never happen.

There are obviously two extremes scenarios and life is never all great or all bad but for just a moment think about the first example, how do you feel?

Ok, now think about the second example, and how do you feel? It may feel uncomfortable but please stay with me on that.

Now, take a deep breath… and decide which way of being is better for you and your child (assuming you have one :P)

For me is the first scenario of feeling great in my body and mind. It’s easier to write about it than do it and I so know it from my own experiences. Even today, I woke up after a sleepless night as Gabriel is teething and was up almost all night, and believe me I was not up for doing anything productive today. I felt tired and lacking motivation…

But then I saw myself in the mirror. I saw sad Kasia and realised that Gabriel is seeing me like that and I didn’t like it!

I often say that every individual is the manager of her/his life and create it the way she/he wants it. Yes, there are life situation out of our control that sometimes shape our life but I believe in majority of situation is down to us to make a decision on how we want that situation to unfold for us.

And right at that moment I said to myself that the day has just started and it can actually be an awesome one! I’m responsible for that. I took a deep breath in and out, straighten my back (which by the way I found really amazing cos by the change of my body posture I’ve changed my way of thinking; more on that in another blog)

I smiled to myself and go with the day. I now realised that I already did so much and it’s only just after 2pm. I feel like a winner 😀

By that simple shift in thinking I took care of myself and the more I can take care of me, the more I can take care of others!!! And you too can tap into that as you’re responsible for your life 🙂

Take a good care of yourself!

Until the next time,


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