Goals, Dreams and the Big Why?

Ever wonder how some people get what they want and some just not seems to have much luck? Is it about the luck or something different? Why most successful people live their dream life? What do they do? And what, on the other hand, unsuccessful people do that keep them where they are?

Let me start from the second group…

Unsuccessful people very often think about what they DON’T want to have, get or experience. They think small and see obstacles when face challenges. They spend their days thinking “one day when I get/be/have I will…” but guess what that day will very rarely or never happen. Unsuccessful people don’t set goals or set not SMART goals and they quite very fast.

Successful people on the other hand…

Successful people think what they DO want to have, get or experience in life. They see opportunities to grow when face challenges. Successful people live in the present moment and do small steps daily towards realisation of their goals. They set goals and know their purpose, their Big Why? Successful people are patient and look at failure as a learning opportunity.

Talking about learning, there is always time for that! I’m just now reading a great book by T. Harv Eker “Think Rich to Get Rich” where you can learn more about what successful people do to be successful!

I encourage you to pick this book up but before that I have some action steps for you:

  1. Reserve some time just for yourself and then set your goals, what do you want in life, what carrier you want to have, what about a family life? How much would you like to earn? Would you like to travel, if so then where? Be SMART about setting goals and SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.
  2. Write down your Big Why? Why do you want all of the things from the 1ststep? How all of that will make you feel? Who would you become?

Please feel free to share your thoughts here or keep it just for yourself. I personally believe that if you talk aloud about your dreams, they manifest faster so encourage you to write a comment 🙂

Until the next time,

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