I like to help and support others but I love myself more

For most of my adult life I was in full-time employment working hard for someone else. I then focus more on other people projects and was helping and supporting them giving up time that I could spend on my projects. After supporting my family and friends and working full-time I didn’t actually have more energy to do my projects.

I was then mooning that I never have time for myself and don’t take me wrong I like to help and support others but I love myself more than that and now I schedule my projects first and then find time for other people projects so I’m putting myself first and always have time to do my staff.

That small shift of attention changed my life completely. Yes, I still help and support my love ones, BUT I do it once I attend to my projects and I’m satisfied with the level of work I put into my projects.

Thank to that small shift I work extra hard on my business and developing myself so I can help and support others even more, but on my terms.

My career background is hospitality as well as charity management and from that perspective I love to say to my clients that “you’re the manager of your life, so manage it the way you want your life to be run”. It’s like being a manager of a hotel, would you like your hotel to be run poorly, not selling rooms, staff doing whatever they want so you have unhappy customers and eventually no customers and empty hotel?

My answer is NO, what is yours? I invite you to consider this question and check how you run your life. Please share your thoughts with us.

Have a wonderful day!

1Photo by Jess Watters from Pexels
(Photo by Jess Watters from Pexels)

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