Why do we do things that doesn’t bring us success even if we know they are bad habits?

In the past months I had to see my dentist 3 times. I had a root canal treatment and after a few weeks my tooth was not strong enough and broke half way through so I need to invest in the crown. For months if not years I was neglecting my healthy eating habits which then worsen my teeth condition.

I could eat super well, drink green juices and avoid junk food throughout the day only to eat a big pack of crisps or popcorn in the evening while watching a movie.

It’s crazy if you think about how many things we do on a day to day basis that we know are bad for our health, success, happiness etc. but we still do them.

Is there a solution? Well I think there is, are you ready? Wait for it………

Well defined and clear goal!

How does that sound?

If you want to change a bad habit you can’t do the same things over and over again and expect the same results!

First define what you want!

Second start acting upon that! Make It Happen!

Spread the word about what is your big goal as the more you talk about it the more focus you become on it! SO what’s you big goal?

Until the next time,


P.S. Regarding food and food cravings I found a great way to control it. It is to have a green juice a day and have this amazing food supplement called Moringa Oleifera. They both give my body the right nutrition so it doesn’t need salty snacks or sweets. Don’t take me wrong I do have chocolate and crisps but that’s occasionally ;P

They say “an apple a day keeps doctor away” well in my case green juice and Moringa a day keeps doctor away 🙂 What’s your way of controlling food cravings?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels
(Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels)



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