Why do I even bother to exercise?

I sometimes ask myself this question: why do I actually exercise? Why do I bother? Especially after a very busy day or when I was pregnant, why did I even exercise when I was busy growing a baby? Call me crazy but I actually like exercise, some people like reading books, some like watching TV, I just like to move my body but there is much more about exercises than just liking it!

Through movement your body realises hormones called endorphins, they are the ones responsible for your feel good mood, so for me exercising is simply having fun.

Fitness of any kind can help you overcome weaknesses as you challenge yourself every time you start a workout. Literally challenge yourself as you could easily just not do the session.

Exercising can make you more sociable, especially if the sport you do is a team sport or a kind of sport like my favourite Capoeira, Yoga and Brazilian Samba. One of the reason I do them is that I can meet up with my friends and I’m loving it!

Exercises can help you get back in shape or to where you feel comfortable. Everyone of us have a different definition of being in shape but as long as you feel great with your body and mind then I cheer for you!

Get stronger is another benefit of exercises and I’m not only talking about the physical strength! I’m also tapping into the mental strength. If you commit to exercising you train yourself to show up at the gym or a class and do your absolute best and once you achieve your goal you can go for another one. That shows your discipline and that you can achieve anything!

You will agree that exercising helps to stay healthy especially when one is pregnant! I don’t think I need to write lots about this one 🙂

Lastly and personally, I do exercises for one more reason. I want to educate, encourage and support as many mums as possible on their journey towards the happiest life they can have and exercises is one of the best way to do so.

Now tell me why you exercise? What are the three main reasons you get up and go to this gym or for a class?

Have a great day!

Until the next time,

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2 thoughts on “Why do I even bother to exercise?

  1. Great article I find myself pushing myself to exercise to keep my body in shape I think maybe it’s the region and neighborhood that I am in but this is a great motivator your articles here, great stuff, Allen Williams


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