What does Yoga mean to me?

When I think of yoga I think movement, breath, connection, focus, stillness, stretch, fun, smile, meditation, spirituality, being in the now, friends, inspiration, great memories and head stand.

I first started yoga in 2008 so it’s now 10 years since I do it. I clearly remember doing head stand on my very first session 🙂 I’ve never followed one teacher nor I attended classes regularly but something always gets me back to yoga and on the mat. For the past 3 years I practice regularly with YouTube teachers and thank to them I realised that yoga is fun and that you can smile and laugh a lot during practice 🙂

The only regular class was yoga for pregnancy at PPC that I just loved. At first I was surprised that we only did all 4s into cat and cow on my first 2 hours session but then further into pregnancy I realised why 😛 I’ve also realised that the meditation that we were doing were the best relaxation for me and my baby and I took that into my life as a mum.

Yoga brings me stillness, it connects me to me and make me being in the now. It’s something about this practice that is so different to any other fitness routine or Capoeira I’ve done. I think it’s because I marry breath with movement so I am very focused on the practice and so on myself. There is something spiritual about yoga that even short 3 minutes of sun salutations in the morning just set me for the day!

I am so happy that yoga that at first was only a great way of stretching for me inspired me to combine fitness exercises into yoga flows and I am now creating workouts that blends yoga and conventional fitness exercises. And I’m hungry for more hence I’ve signed up for yoga teacher training course, hooray!!! Can’t wait to start.

Do you/ have you ever done Yoga? What does it mean to you?

Sending you lots of smiles,



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