It’s sometimes good to see what doesn’t work…

I’ve recently hear my friend saying that “It’s sometimes good to see what doesn’t work so you can get a better clarity on what works for you”, and it resonated with me so much, especially after having a challenging year behind me.

This time last year I was super happy having Gabriel with us for just 10 days and I didn’t even expect to experience what was to come in our life. To cut the long story short, my husband work caused so much stress during Gabriel’s first few months of life that we were not stressed about having a little brand new baby but about my hubby work, my work, our finances and where we live.

It all came to the point that due to stress Grzes resigned from work leaving us in a complex situation…

It was challenging but it brought us even closer together and caused us to seek solutions rather than sit and feel sorry for ourselves. We clearly saw what does NOT work for us and it was the time to realise what DOES work for us, what we truly want and then to apply that and change our life for the better.

I’m so grateful that we stay together, motivate each other and now have two growing businesses that are what we really wanted to have. I’m so happy for Grzes to cooperate with Yina at Coffee Tepuy and creating All About Speciality Coffee business that is dedicated to sale the top quality speciality coffee from Colombia!

And I have my beautiful business and I’m beyond happy and grateful that I can do what I love, fitness and personal development, and I can support you Mums in creating your life the way you want it to be!

I encourage you to look at your life and see what doesn’t work as thank to that you may just realised what does work for you!

Sending love your way!



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