I have used affirmation since I first heard about Louis Hay. This lady was just a queen of affirmation, really wise person that has changed lives of so many.

I have used affirmations for many things and when I was planning on what to write today I found this old list of affirmation that I was using to find a dream job. Here it is for you if you’d like to use it. I think I download it from somewhere but can’t remember from where :/ anyway here it is for you 🙂

  • I am seeking employment with a company where I can grow professionally and personally.
  • I seek challenging opportunities where I can fully use my skills for the success of the organisation.
  • I want to succeed in a stimulating and challenging environment that will provide me with advancement opportunities.
  • I want to excel in this field with hard work, perseverance and dedication.
  • I want a highly rewarding career where I can use my skills and knowledge for organisational and personal growth.
  • I am seeking a company where I can use my experience and education to help the company meet and surpass its goals.
  • I want to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence to meet personal and organisational goals.
  • I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve an organisation and establish a career for myself.

I believe in affirmations and when I read the above ones I realised that they all came true including the last part “to establish a career for myself”. Here I am, I found and established my path, my career and Risada Lifestyle is the fruit of that.

Since the list above I had affirmations present in my life in forms of calendars or in books and then at the beginning of this year I returned to using them actively. I wrote many beautiful affirmations and read them each morning while doing my sun salutation routine. I loved to do that however since I added more exercises to my morning routine I decided to listen to affirmation rather then to read them. So I’m now exercising while listing to affirmation, which is a powerful combo!!!

Do you use affirmations? What’s your favourite way of using them? Share your thoughts with us ❤

Have a lovely day!


(The affirmation says: I love my life and have so much fun!)

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