How do I stay motivated to exercise?

I sometimes wonder how athletes stay motivated to exercise, what do they do that makes them practice their sport often for many hours a day. I believe the main motivation is the result of being the best they possibly be and achieve their goals of going for Olympics or playing for the best teams in the country.

I do too want to be the best I can possibly be in sport and life in general hence I motivate myself in many different ways.

Yes, I am after the result of being healthy, strong and in shape but what’s much more important for me is the fact that I have lots of fun and meet great people along the way. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t like to go to the gym! I personally find gym boring but different people like different things so by own mean go to the gym if you like it 🙂

I love to practice Capoeira as there is so much more than only exercises, there are people, culture and lots of fun along the way! Exercising with Gabriel makes me so happy too hence I love my classes for mums with babies, working out with these beautiful and strong mums and having our babies play together is just a joy to watch and be part of!

There is also one more thing that I absolutely love after the exercises and that are the endorphins, the happiness hormones. I generally am much happier when I exercise regularly and I realised that when I set my fitness goals on side and not practice regularly I’m moodier and annoyed with things, so stay away if I haven’t done my daily workout one day 🙂

In practise what I do is I set fitness goals, plan challenges for myself and have non-negotiable time for fitness even if that is only 5 minute of yoga in the morning while Gabriel is playing with his toys.

How you motivate yourself?

Until the next time,

(Photo by Rod Penn)



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