What’s the strongest self-help and self-motivation tool out there?


There are so many tools available out there in both fitness personal training and life coaching. Some are better then other, but the one that I feel is the strongest is questioning. I’ve heard about it from a good friend of mine who point out that through the process of asking question one can discover all the answers.

I believe we have all the answers within us and it’s just a matter of time, our patience and self listing and we can get all the answers we need.

Here were I am so happy to be personal trainer and life coach come into play! I love to work with people and help them discover what they truly want. I can help them see the answer to their “Why? / How?”.

Only when you found answers to these question you can actually accomplish your goal and stay motivated in this process.

I would usually start the process as follow. Let say you have a fitness goal of getting rid of the mummy tummy. Firstly, I would ask you to fully describe why you don’t like that particular aspect of yourself. Why this is so important for you? What are your feelings about it, how would getting rid of that make you feel? We would have a nice chat, maybe visualisation exercise, maybe discovering some limiting beliefs that we should work on or maybe noticing that it’s not actually a true goal for you as maybe you just want to feel and be stronger.

Once we establish the first part we can then go into action and find the answer to the question How? I would ask questions like: How would you like to accomplish the goal? How quickly? How often are you willing to focus on it? Answers to these questions often form action plan and we go from there.

I strongly believe that personal trainers as well as life coaches are just assistants who support your journey of self-discovery. We have all the answers within so through answering questions we can dig deep inside to find these answers.

Look for your answers and you will accomplish your dreams faster.

Until the next time,


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