Very important question to ask yourself!

I’m just after a weekend of training with Positive Realities and I feel so inspired! I have met some super great people who are very different to each other yet are connected in so many ways. I enjoyed the weekend so much and just can’t wait for more!!!

During the training we had this beautiful exercise. We were focusing on listening and giving another person space to talk. One person asked only one question over and over again and the second person was answering. We had a mindfulness exercise before the listening exercise so we all were nicely calm, relax and open.

The question was: “What do you long for?”

What a beautiful question. How many times did you give yourself time and space to ask this question and to answer it?

Now when I think about it I realise that yes I do ask myself that but not too often and what I catch myself on thinking quite the opposite: “What I don’t want?”

Awww how strange it’s that we focus more on what we don’t want to have rather on what we want! If we could only shift that I think our life experiences would be totally different.

And I’m not saying about living in some kind of dreamland where you don’t think negative but only positive. I’m saying about acknowledging what’s wrong and improving it, fixing it or changing it. Simply, making it the way you really, really, really want it to be!

So what do you long for?

Until the next time,

Photo by Min An from Pexels(Photo by Min An from Pexels)

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