My life is not always so colourful and happy… but that’s OK

I kind of like dark days, sad days and you can call me crazy but they are actually good I think! For me personally they mean that A. There is something I need to work on and B. I got to the level of my life and personal development where I got too comfortable doing what I’m doing and now is the time to progress.

Year 2017 was the best year and the worst year for me at the same time! This year started positively and now in six months I’m even more positive, more mindful and just happier but sometimes as we all I have sad days and when I face challenge the following questions come to my mind:

Why life brings all of these obstacles and challenges?

Why there isn’t a person that can come and fix everything?

Why I even bother building my own business if I could be an employee and do a job?

Why there are people that don’t wish you luck but quite the opposite?

I would spend some time having this internal discussion and feel sorry for myself as my life is not always so colourful and happy… but that’s OK because I can then turn to the tools I’ve learn and aid the frustration and pain.

My tools are yoga, tapping, mindfulness, meditation, traveling, capoeira, dancing, journaling and affirmations. I do some of then on a regular basis and some not; the golden rule for me is to find what suits me better in a given time.

Journaling came like a blessing recently when with tears I was just pouring thought on paper and they were not positive but they made me think and work on staff. Yoga comes as a powerful cleanser for my body whenever stress takes over it. And tapping is so beneficial and causes profound changes! They are just a few tools that I use 🙂

You may ask why do I write that? Why would I not just share inspirational happy posts. I feel that often we want to show how amazing our life is, especially now when social media have taken on so much of people’s time. You often show only the good things that happen in your life but life has so much to it, the good and the bad! So I just want to invite you to build on your good days and learn from your bad days and find a tool that aid the pain!

If there is a tool that you recommend that helps you then share it here for others to benefit.

I’m now off to travel a bit with my boys, little one day trip up north.

Until the next time,

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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