Being Mumpreneur

computer-desk-hand-374631Though, I’ll share something more about me here 🙂

Let me start from explaining what does Mumpreneur actually mean? In short it is being a Mum and Entrepreneur and juggling and balancing your family and work life together. It is about building your business around your family and that it what I do!

And I’m loving it…

I love the feeling of being my own boss and firstly schedule time with my family and my baby boy Gabriel and then work! Yes, sure I need to put extra work in, even now its almost 1am and I’m still working knowing that I need to wake up early as my baby will be up despite the fact that Mummy wants to sleep.

Nevertheless, the feeling of freedom is something that I haven’t felt for my entire work life. I was always trading my time for money, working for employees that didn’t respect my time! I was building their dream not mine but it changed already and I’m building my dream.

I don’t know how but I’m so much more productive now when I am a mum… Some will say that I must be as I’m now a responsible parent but I could so easily not be setting up my business when having a ten months old baby!

But I did and I’m very proud and happy.

If you read that and you too are a Mum who want to start a business or have fitness or other goals, then I’ll be honoured to work with you to support you in achieving your success.

I work with mums who want to improve their lives by providing a service of life coaching. We start with identifying obstacles that block you from achieving your dreams and work out the way of dealing with them.

Get in touch for more information at

Until the next time,


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