I love to be active and these are my favourite activities

sportsI just love to move; I truly enjoy sport at almost every form but my favourites are HIIT, Yoga, Dance (Samba) and my most favourite Capoeira.

What are they and why I like them so much?

HIIT or High-Intensive Interval Training is a killer! It’s the one that makes your heart speed up like crazy, you sweat ridiculously and are tired enormously! So what that good about it? You would ask, well it’s the after training feeling of achievement, these endorphins that dance all over your body and big smile that come on my face when I see results of this training!

I can say lots about Yoga and will definitely write a separate blog about it one day but for now I just want to say that it’s such a beautiful practice. I tried so many forms of it and can’t pick my favourite one yet but definitely loved the pregnancy yoga that I did at PPC (www.pregnancyandparents.org.uk). I enjoy my daily 10 sun salutations each morning and like to add some workouts from Idan or Adriene every other day or so. They are wonderful online yoga teachers that show that yoga can be fun!

I love to dance; music makes me move. My favourite, my beloved type of dance is Brazilian Samba and the best teacher I have ever have is Andrea! She brings so much beautiful energy to the class! Samba gives me so much joy but I also really like its sexy side 🙂

I left the best one at the end of this blog post – Capoeira. I’m just in love with this cultural art! It’s such a unique blend of dance, martial art and so much Brazilian culture! But the most important are the people who I met through Capoeira!!! The first person I met in Capoeira and the most important one is my husband Grzes ❤ You can read more about it at www.cdoscotland.com and I’ll for sure write another longer blog about Capoeira.

What’s your favourite sport?

Until the next time!


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