Patience and baby steps

8264DA52-025C-459D-9495-4617A622DF49They say „Rome was not build in one day”
and I totally get it but I have my days
when I want my dreams to be true right now!!!

I mean now!!!

During these moments I find myself questioning
if what I want will come true. I have so many ideas
and want them to be become reality.

In the past I would look for inspiration in motivational
YouTube videos or books but now I look at my baby.
I see Gabriel learning day by day, improving his skills more
and more and develop new skills. Just few short months ago
he couldn’t even seat and now he crawls and soon will be walking.

This is so amazing to see and I love these mindful moments
when I stop and observe him how he develops
his understanding of this world.

This world is so interesting for Gabriel,
there are so many things he learns
and he does it step by step.

This is exactly the system I relearn from him.

For Gabriel it looks like there is time and space for everything
he wants to achieve and so I’m applying that philosophy to my life now!
There is always time and space for everything
I want to accomplish.

Thanks to my little boy I improve my patience
and become more grounded and balanced with each day!

I invite you to observe how little babies grow and develop!
This is one of the most beautiful and my favourite part
of being a mum 🙂 What’s your favourite part?

Have a wonderful day!!!





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