Can’t stop thinking about food and fitness

I love holidays and if anyone would ask me what’s the best part of holiday. I would answer it’s FOOD. I just love food and my favourite is Polish food, it reminds me of my childhood and family spending time together. Polish cuisine is full of flavours and as I am just back from Poland I’m full of that yummy food!

Eating was great but then I’ve realised that my mummy tummy that I was shaping since Gabriel was born went out of my control! Luckily, there is always a plank that can help in situations like that! But it’s easier said than done and it’s been challenging at times especially when we were out all day or when Gabriel was ill (he had his first cold while on holiday for the first time! What a timing!)

I kept on going because 1) I want my flat belly back! and 2) I am part of a great group of women who take part in the plank challenge so it’s easier to be motivated if I’m the one who sends daily reminders! Accountability is the key! Therefore I decided to create a Facebook group dedicated especially for us women who are active and for those who want to get back to fitness (Edinburgh Active Mums). Please check it out here and let your girlfriends know about it 🙂 I’d like to build a community of fitness mums to spread the joy of exercising 🙂 fitness is good for you and can be so easily added to your day! By the way, what’s your favourite type of exercises?

Have a wonderful day!


Plank PL

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