Creating balance in my life, even if sometimes life is upside down

Becoming a Mum is wonderful but it changes your life completely. Even the nine months of pregnancy can’t prepare you for this unique time in your life. I was so excited about the arrival of our baby and when we welcome him here in this world our world changed! There was just as two and now we have this beautiful little person that needs our attention.

In the first few months we were all over the place learning our new roles. Life felt like everything is upside down, and as I wrote in the previous post I first felt lost but then I have discovered the secret to create balance and harmony in life. And the secret is Happy Mum equals happy family. I try to do at least one think a day that makes me happy such as exercise. I love capoeira and yoga and do them as much as I can.

My questions to you are what makes you happy, truly happy? Do you do whatever makes you happy on a daily basis? Or do you put yourself last? I encourage you to leave a comment below because once people write their desires they are more likely to accomplish them.

Until next time 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Creating balance in my life, even if sometimes life is upside down

  1. What I do on a daily basis: I meditate, so I can just be with my Self for a wee whiley and I read, at least one page a day.


    1. That’s so wonderful Ola!!! Meditation is so beneficial for us! I want to add meditation to my daily self care routine from April 🙂
      What a great way to keep up with reading! at least a page per day! Superb! Having a little baby take some time away so finding this little moment just for us is crucial!!! Great job!


  2. My kids, tennis & being in the sea makes me truly happy. As I was unwell over the winter I’ve nit been in the sea I’ve missed it very much & this impacts my happiness. I need to focus on what 2-3 things daily can I do to bring happiness into my live & follow it through. Thank you! 😊👌


    1. How strong we can feel unbalance if we don’t do what makes us happy, isn’t it? Focusing and spending a bit of time just on us is what’s so important. Hope you will be able to be in the sea soon to boost your happiness to a new level 🙂


  3. Hi Kasia! Lovely to read your blog again.
    For me it is exercising too. Oh and a shower at the end of the day is always a bonus 😉
    For the last few years I’ve wanted to learn how to play a gituar and do dance classes regularly. Have to finally make that happen.


    1. So wonderful! Hello active soul 🙂 yes I love this evening bonus of a shower too 😛 As you know what you want to add on to the things that makes you happy then plan it and schedule it in your calendar otherwise it may just be only added to the list. “The distance between your dream and the reality is called Action” (Frederic from Freedom Mastery). Go girl!!!


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