I am the best Mum I can possibly be BUT is this the only thing in this life for me?

I am the best Mum I can possibly be BUT is this the only thing in this life for me? Am I only a Mum? My baby boy is almost 8 months and I must say that I’ve struggled for months with this feeling that although I am super happy to have a healthy little boy in my life, at the same time I felt lost in my life as an individual. BUT I discovered the secret to balanced and harmony in life.

On this blog pages I want to share tips and suggestions on how I got to a place where I now feel very happy as a Mum 🙂 A little about me, I am a very active person, I love sport and personal development, that’s why for most of my adult life these were my passions which I devoted myself to after studies and work. Almost eight months ago my son was born, and suddenly my whole free time was gone. There was only baby’s time and although I really enjoy his company I struggle because I individually wasn’t doing much. When he was sleeping I did housework and then watch movies or brows social media. Simply because I was lacking something. I was lacking directions, goal and movement. One day after watching movie after movie I realised that I waste my time and that’s why I decided to change my passions into a new business. The secret that I discovered is simple – Happy Mum equals happy family. If you feel miserable your family probably feels miserable as well but if you feel joy, you find joy in your family. Period.

This fitness and life coaching business is for me more than just a business, it is a new lifestyle. Being active can make you feel happy and strong, and a good conversation can open your eyes onto new ideas therefore this unique combination of personal training and life coaching has changed my life. I want to inspire and help Mums to create a better, happier and healthier life. In short, Risada Lifestyle promotes a joyful, balanced and healthy lifestyle, and I can support you to take care of you. Contact me for first free consultation at risadalifestyle@gmail.com.

Published by Kasia

Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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