I feel honoured and I trust

I feel honoured that the girls trust me as a fitness coach and attend my classes. I am just starting out so being able to train with these lovely girls just make me so super happy. It’s also just beautiful to see our babies grow together and develop with each week. I’ve recently started to be a personal trainer, although I have the qualification for a few years now, but I used it to supplement my capoeira training. I had the honour to train a few clients before Gabriel was born and now when I train with a wider audience I feel the privilege to be able to support people on their fitness path.

My capoeira teacher once told me that “teaching is another level of learning” and he is so right! Through teaching I am becoming a better learner as I am relearning exercises as well as the way of teaching. I adapt the training to girls’ level of fitness and ability to do exercises, challenging them with new ways of working with their body and recently with their mind too. I’ve introduced positive affirmations into our training. The affirmations are written on posters and attached to the wall in front of the girls so they are welcome to take them or leave them. The affirmations are there as a guide only; we don’t recite them during the class but anyone is welcome to do so.

I trust that I can be of service and support my clients on their fitness journey. For me it’s an amazing adventure as being a PT is always challenging. You want to be able to pass new things, challenge your clients and still have lot of fun but when you are just starting out you may face the challenge of low clients’ number. I’m there now but I trust that my message can get to a wider audience as I believe there is an audience for every teacher out there. There are so many people on this planet and luckily they all have different taste and needs so I trust my bigger audience is our there and I just need to reach them but for now I am focusing on my little group of super mums 🙂


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Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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