Why Crane?

You maybe wonder why a paper crane is in my logo. My business is not about origami (nevertheless I love to fold paper and create beautiful cranes), my business is about introducing you to your own path of happiness if you are looking for one. It is about building a beautiful, healthy and balanced life filled with joy and love. I want to help you to lift your habits that block you on your way to your success and inspired you to the new, positive way of thinking so that you can replace the old habits with the new ones that allow happiness and success to enter your life. If you are interested in that then please read further 🙂

I have chosen the Japanese Crane as in Japanese culture cranes symbolise happiness, life and prosperity. It is called a “bird of happiness”. It also symbolises health and longevity as it is believed that cranes can live a 1000 years. Therefore, Japanese people believe that if you fold 1000 cranes then your one dream will come true! Cranes reminds me of happiness and when I fold a crane then I can stop and feel the joy of the moment. This is something that I wish to invite you to feel as well.

Cranes also remind me of the industrial cranes. When you think about the industrial cranes you probably think building site. I believe our life is a bit like a building site, you can create a beautifully structured home that you can fill with joy, maintain with love and live there happily. You can, on the other hand, neglect the building site, so that things just fall apart and it looks more like this unfinished building where you can only see building skeleton. It is all your choice. I cheer you on being an active participant in your own life so let build our homes with love. I would be honour to assist you on your journey so just get in touch with me at risadalifestyle@gmail.com.


Published by risadalifestyle

Support people in achieving healthy, happy and wealthy life; Mum; Bloger; Capoerista

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