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My name is Kasia and I promote healthy and balanced life by offering a unique blend of fitness together with life coaching services.

I genuinely believe that each personal trainer is a life coach: in my opinion, all the best personal trainers use their life coaching skills to motivate people and deliver real results to their clients.

I am here for you in order to listen and talk with you, aiming at defining your goals and helping you reaching them. You can book coaching sessions with me separately as 1-2-1 life coaching or 1-2-1 personal training.

Let’s chat together online or offline to discover what you really want and how you can achieve your dreams. 

Reach me at risadalifestyle@gmail.com or 07895483226.

If you are interested in knowing my story, just click on the About section.

I have recently been introduced to very successful networking group and I write about this opportunity on my other website, check it here. Growing my network is a great way of getting to know new people as well as growing the business: hence, my biggest goal for 2019 is to talk to 1000 people and be able to help 100 of them living the life they always wanted. I do that by holistically looking at the body and mind through fitness and life coaching. I would be delighted to support your journey in creating beautiful strong mind and body.

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Get in touch at risadalifestyle@gmail.com or 07895483226 and let schedule our meeting today.

Why Crane?

You might be wondering about the decision to use a paper crane as my logo. You can find the reason why in the first blog post here. ­čÖé